Thursday, October 8, 2009

where the wild things aren't...

okay i will now tell you some facts:
  • whenever possible i will imagine myself in these sparkly jimmy choos and not in my serious and funkshunal skechers
  • this morning when i greeted the dogs they told me a joke...i didn't quite understand it but i chuckled with them and wished them a good day

  • I LOVE BEIN' THE GRANDMA...but i loved bein' the mama FIRST
  • instead of writing down fanciful phrases for fun and finesse i should actually be preparing for a meeting but hey...the flow of words beckoned...
  • i made Sandy wear a baby first he was proud of it and tried to show it off to Rocky but then Rocky told him "oh you're dumb, that's NELLIE'S sock!" and then Sandy got embarrassed and tried to take it off. Here's the naughty part of this secret: I made him continue wearing it because I couldn't quit laughing out loud at him!!!!!!

  • it's true I love the fancy and fun phenonema but to the depth of my being I am THIS PERSON

  • although i've enjoyed this little path of fact sharing i really REALLY must go prepare for that meeting...please feel free to share fun facts about YOURSELF with me!!!! and our friends!


Just Be Real said...

I am craving to buy some moccasins with the fringes! Good post. Thanks for sharing! Blessings.

De Lly Dilettante said...

Hi. Thank you for visiting my blog :) By the way, I think your name is so cool. Ooo...I can't afford Jimmy Choo's shoes. But I'm not one for high heels. Pretty, but not so "funkshunal" lol. Have a great weekend!

Grandma K said...

When I saw the picture of the Jimmy Choo's it made me wonder!!

And to think I once wore heels like that. Mercy me!

Alice in Wonderland said...

Flying Eagle Woman,
I loved the sparkly shoes, but I would prefer a pair of moccasin tasselled boots! I've just seen a pair that I love!
Big Hugs! XXX

sarah said...

forget the jimmy choos, just gimme those awesome mocosins. (can't spell it). :} Sarah