Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's LITERALLY the last day in July, 2012...

I haven't accomplished very many items on my "Summer of 2012" list BUT I've done quite a few things above and beyond...
Weaving is healing and growth to me...the piece here has my version of chokecherries at its base, this is our Huckleberry Feast season and chokecherries are part of any meal at our longhouse table. In the center is the sun Weyatanat...rises each morning with a song and a gentle strand of wisdom in his heat. Finally, to end each meal at our longhouse table we drink our "Choosh" water, we couldn't live without it, we begin and end with water...I love to weave.

We went on a short day trip to Wallowa to help out with the service up at the lake...
 Here are some of the drummers/singers from that day. Strong men with good hearts singing from the depth of their existence. It was a beautiful day.

On our way home we stopped to cool off in the beautiful Wallowa river. The way in was so inviting...then the water was deliciously cold and refreshing!

 After our dip we continued on the road home...after saying thank you for this beautiful place...

On our way home we saw riotous colors and heard the birds singing...it was almost TOO beautiful sometimes.

It's been a difficult painful year - sadness returns from time to time but always in my heart I am grateful. I'm grateful to be home, I'm thankful EVERY SINGLE DAY to be home and to be an Indian woman living in centuries old traditions...
 I'm thankful for my sweet Mimqas (means "orange" in Nez Perce) kitty, who although he has the loudest most obnoxious voice you ever heard on a cat, is undyingly faithful and ever hopeful that we are bringing him home something more delightful than he has ever known...he's truly an example to me:-)

and I'm thankful for each new day...it's true what has been said..."Weeping may endure for a night but JOY comes in the morning!"

Monday, July 16, 2012

Good gracious...

Last week was a bad week. Oh I won't drag you through my plethora of physical maladies or even shock you with the intensity of my familial stories. There's just no cause for that...you've done nothing to me!

I will share with you the outcome though.

I am not the judge.
Whether I agree with your viewpoint, opinion, feeling, action, inaction, response, unresponsiveness, any of it. Whether I like or dislike your outfit today, the way you fix your hair or even the label of your shoes...or even if I've staunchly defended you in the wake of what seemed to me to be ludicrous accusations, I'm not here to judge, when it's time for me to take that place, I'll have to go alone and Someone else will do the judging.

I am not perfect.
A flawed creation is one who can change. For some reason this is exciting, not discouraging. A daunting task looms though, if I look at myself in the mirror and ignore such flaws. I choose to be thankful for those who willingly point out my many flaws...Someone will help me help me change.

I don't know everything.
Although I've been on this earth a fairly long time, my learning curve varies. Some things I learned quickly and avidly. Others, I was a little slow on the uptake. I still have much, much more to learn. Hopefully though, I'll study hard and pass the tests...one day I hope to make Someone proud.

It was a long, difficult weekend. The lessons learned came at a price but at the end of the day, I would not trade these lessons for another moment. THANK YOU

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer's finally here!!!

<p>Oh we whined and writhed, stomped our feet EVERY TIME it rained! "When will summer EVER get here," we exclaimed...finally, Wiiaatinaat showed up in his glory. Auntie Umatilla slimmed down but cheerfully makes her dainty way down her rocky bed...summer's HERE & where do we all run???? FIRST AND COLDEST A/C AVAILABLE!!!