Tuesday, November 25, 2008

haha silly ME

's been one of THOSE days - you know...feelin' like you're thinkin' wrong, acting wrong, making people mad without trying...the whole nine yards and here I was getting ready to do a SAD blog

but get this...once I sat down at THIS COMPUTER in my WARM HOUSE smellin' like woodsy homsey...lookin' at my sewing machine and listening to the dog barking I realized...

dang this life is good...


Saturday, November 22, 2008

white knuckles notwithstanding

white knuckles notwithstanding
turbulence shaken
and firm in belief
strength found unseen
sheepish chuckles
yes and no
oh so definite the thunderous
futile the grasping
at airy stability
rewards are many
and i am at home
Umitilla: Grain fields at sunset nr Pendleton Pictures, Images and Photos

The Euphorbia Family (Tricker Flowers)

tricker flowers in phoenix

Poinsettias are a part of the Euphorbia Family...the large red leaves that look like flowers? Aren't. I couldn't think what they were called when I saw these, I was showing them to my brother while in Phoenix so I called them "Tricker Flowers" because the red leaves (more fuschia than red by the way) are actually LEAVES and not flowers...the flower is the tiny white blooms you see in the center...

Why is this blogworthy? (Pause for chuckle - amused memory of that Seinfeld episode about being "spongeworthy") I pondered on the plane ride home (another blog altogether believe me!) about these flowers. How symbolic of our times.

Gaudy red leaves pretending to be flowers - luring busy bees and other pollen gatherers away from the delicate white center bloom - wisdom sings from these leaves. Beauty being the functional and not the fruitful? I'm both astounded and awed by the wisdom and creativity that went into the gentle forming of this genus. Imagine, the One who threw the lacy sky of stars in twinkling splendor took time to also form this wonder.

So I think to myself this must surely be in some joyous stickgame song or longhouse song or big drum song, it surely must have been told from the time of our grandmas and grandpas, not mine, but yours as well. If you listen closely you can hear it.

These are tumultous times - I am thankful for the pause of Tricker Flowers to remind me that this chaotic world and my search for the perfect Dolce and Gabbana bag are not all that important:-)