Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Greetings One and All

Oh yes, I'm well aware we all have our different views on this holiday...I just want to say I absolutely LOVE the fun lights put's my favorite time of year...

I wish you all the warmest of Christmas Greetings and I hope your New Year finds at least SOME of your dreams realized and accomplished...I wish you health and joy and abundance of love

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sharing a story from the "Songs to the Creator"

I love to's something I do day in and day out. When I'm not actually weaving, I'm dreaming of this design or that design, as we drive down the freeway to go visit the grandkids and if I see a little fern growing out from the basalt walls of the gorge I think "that would be a really nice weaving design" and often I will just go and do it. My brothers taught me weaving and the use of colors to express so to them I give that...

Here is a story from a book I love called "a Song to the Creator"

One time in the animal world there lived a young woman at White Salmon River. She was S'inmi (Grey Squirrel) and she carried frood in a pouch inside her mouth. White Salmon is where some people live and they are called /Lataxat (Klickitat). But animal people lived there before the People came.
A long time ago everyything was human. All the animals, plants and creatures were like people are today. They were able to talk adn walk like we do. This young woman lived at White Salmon River. She was slow and her fingers were clumsy so she was avoided by other people. The girl lived all by herself near a huge tree. Underneath this Cedar tree she would sit and dream in the shade because she did not have anything else to do.
This tree would watch the girl and he worried about her. He was sorry for her because nobody wanted to help her.
"That poor girl, she doesn't know the things a girl should know." One day he talked to the girl "my little sister, I cannot allow you to grow up like this not knowing anything, you must learn to do something to help yourself. I will teach you. You go to the mountains and find this kind of grass it is called bear grass. That grass is used for decoration for what I want to teach you. Pick this out by the roots and dry it in the sun, bundle it up neatly then you can pick berries and plants for coloring. After you've done this, come back and pick some of my tenderest roots.Some day you will be famous for your work.
This young woman prepared for the journey. She packed her root digger, flint knife and everything else she needed then she walked to the mountains. When she reached that place she found the plants were all there as the Cedar had told her. She gathered all of the things as he had instructed.
She brought her neatly bundled bear grass, roots and berries to Cedar and he was pleased that she had done as he instructed. He then told her to dig his most tender roots and dry them so she also dug these things.
When she was done she laid out a blanket and spread out all those things she had gathered for her project. She showed it to Cedar Tree and he was very pleased. He then showed her how to use these to weave a basket. The girl wove her first basket. She worked all day and into the night until she finished it and she was very proud of having done this. She showed it to Cedar and although he was proud of her he told her "don't get too conceited, you still have to pass a test, you must take this basket and dip it into the water. If the water does not drip out of it, then you have accomplished your goal.
The girl took the basket  and she carried it down to the lake and she dipped out some water. The water ran right througth the basket. She went home dragging her feet.
She told Cedar Tree what had happened then she sat down and cried. Cedar Tree scolded her, "don't feel sorry for yourself you are just beginning to to accomplish something. Soon you will be very talented, you have to practice and practice until you are perfect. Now go out in the woods and find some designs; seek out the things of nature and bring them back pictured in your mind. that is when you will be able to make beautiful things.
When he encouraged her like this she could not resist becoming more determined to succeed "He has so much confidence in me, perhaps I will someday make beautiful baskets."
She walked for many days looking at everything. She became confused because she didn't know what she was seeking. She walked down the trail one day when a rattlesnake crossed her path. He spoke to her, "see the designs on my back? Use them to design the edging in your baskets" She was grateful to the rattlesnake but thought that was too intricate.
She continued on her journey and saw many more animals and was spoken to about various designs and on the day she decided to return home she was thirsty and knelt down by the brook to drink. He spoke to her, "look at me, see the reflections and the designs with the waves of the water, you can use these for your designs"
She went home and began weaving a new basket. She was so busy she forgot the time and she wove all of the designs she had seen in the forest. She completed one beautiful basket. She showed this to Cedar Tree and he told her again she had to pass the test. She took the basket to the Columbia River and dipped it in. No water came out! Cedar Tree told her to take her first basket and give it as an offering, this will teach you to be thankful (Note: we are taught this by those teaching us our crafts, that we give the first one we made to an elder).
Coyote was down by the river and heard from Blue Jay what had been happening. He looked at her baskets and was very impressed. He spoke about the coming of the People (Klickitats) and that from this day forward they would be known for their beautiful baskets. To this day, these people are well known for their baskets.

That's just one story I know about weaving. I hope you enjoyed.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

...the softer side of years...

My birthday was last week and it was OHHHHH so much fun! I find myself taking much more time to "stop and smell the roses" don't you? this isn't a rose but dang it's pretty!

One day a long time ago the Sun called for a Winter Dance. This dance was to celebrate the moment heard when she stepped forth on the shortest day of the year...she prepared herself with a sparkly shawl and began singing the most beautiful song...her song weaves through the ages bringing with it new life each year. She sings of past sorrows wrought with deep pain and she sings of fresh healing moist with dewy rain; she sings of the shadowy changes and her melodies swell with hopeful changes; When Sun calls for the Winter Dance all who hear leap forth.

Slowly dancers began entering her doors, first, Auntie River adorned in the most glorious blue dress with shells dangling from her sleeves and hems; next Grandpas Fir and Elm and Willow with their long whiskers and long nimble fingers; they carried on their shoulders the young...Brothers Elk, Deer, Moose and Big Brother Salmon all enter with dignity and deep voiced songs...

The laughter of children rings out with hope and one at a time all join the dance...

In the background swaying as one with the music are the Dancers in the Hills...they had woven for themselves shawls of powdery snow and in their hair they wore lightly beaded barrettes of icicle designs. Their feathers sparkled for they were gifted from eagles of their most delicate fluffs...

Winter Solstice is different for all of us, but Monday, you're all invited to listen for our songs!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Not my writing...

Below is an article written by my son...

How does it feel for us?

Everyone always gives their condolences to mothers and wives and girlfriends of military members for the burden they bear while their loved ones are gone. Honestly no one will ever understand how that person feels unless they themselves have gone through it. Another note is the fact that no one ever asks the soldier what his greatest sacrifice is and how he feels about leaving his family and friends and everything he knows and loves behind to travel across the world to fight in a war and kill people he doesn’t know. As a veteran of multiple combat deployments I will shed some light on this for the people who do not understand where I am taking this.

When a soldier gets notified that he is being deployed a whole lot gets put on his metaphorical plate of life. The unknown stresses that come with having to tell your family you are going to be gone for however long they tell him to be are one of the hardest things someone can do. He has to explain to his children who do not understand why he serves his country and why he is willing to sacrifice his family, his friends and his life for something as unpopular as war. What is worse though is being a leader in charge of soldiers. On top of the stress of breaking the news to his family, not only does he have his problems to deal with but those of his soldiers. A leader can have as many as 30 or even more under his command and as low as four which we call a fire team. So a soldier who has four team members below him has four sets of problems, four sets of personalities, as well as his own. The stress of a deployment isn’t in what you have to do. It is whether or not what you are doing is correct and keeping everyone as safe as possible while doing it.

The worst thing however about deployments and how the soldier feels isn’t adapting to society after getting back. Nor is it dealing with the fact that people have died by his hand. It is trying to find a purpose with his life after such an event. A person sees things in a completely different light when he deploys. He feels his life is useless afterwards and that he doesn’t serve a purpose. He tries to find meaning in his life and he tries to make things important. He knows it doesn’t give him the satisfaction of watching his buddies back in a firefight or have quick enough reflexes to realize someone is a threat or not. People are under the misconception that it is about the war and that’s why soldiers enlist. Civilians don’t realize that there is a brotherhood that happens with people you serve with in a combat zone. It is always about protecting your friends that have become family. There is nothing they won’t do for each other. That is the point of being a soldier. Part of the soldier’s creed is “I will never leave a fallen comrade.” Think about that for a second and how powerful those words really are. What it is saying is I will not only save my best friend out there or even an acquaintance. It is simply stating that I will help even the soldier that I hate more than anyone on the planet. Whether or not someone is your friend does not matter once bullets start flying.

People don’t ever realize how soldiers feel after such life changing events or even in the process of these events. People say when a soldier dies he makes the biggest sacrifice. That isn’t true. That is in my opinion not the case. I would say that when a soldier dies it’s not him who made this biggest sacrifice, it’s his family. His mother will never see her son again. His wife will never hold him again. His children will wonder why their daddy has not come home. They won’t understand that he gave his life so they could live in a free world or the closest thing to it. Now granted when a soldier dies it is a horrible event but the greatest sacrifice a soldier makes is leaving his family and stepping out of his comfort zone and hoping and praying that when he leaves his family will be ok. Soldiers have a lot to worry about. Not only do they have to stay alive, they worry about their families and how they are dealing with it. They hear bad stuff from home and have to deal with it because they can’t fix it from the other side of the world. They have to trust people back home not to screw up and keep everything in order. In my mind that is the biggest sacrifice.

Deployments do crazy things to people. A soldier’s wife could love him more than anything on this world. They could have had a happy marriage before he left and an almost perfect life with their kids. Then all of a sudden though someone out of the blue plays hero to his wife while he is gone, consoling her because he knows she is in a moment of weakness and then that marriage has pretty much ended. If the soldier finds out about it he will be devastated and wonder what he did wrong. A lot of the times when cheating happens to the soldier the person who did the cheating shifts the blame to them because they are gone. It is a terrible thing to experience. I am not saying that all soldiers are angels. That was merely an example. So many things can happen on a deployment to both the soldier and his family. While the wife or girlfriend or mother has to worry about their soldier living or dying, he has to worry about so much more while being gone. So next time you want to tell someone you know they are going through or you understand how hard it is, ask yourself this question. Do I really know how they feel or am I just making a careless observation? Ask yourself as well before you go up to a soldier and ask him how he feels about what he did that you understand his point of view of the world and the people in it after everything he has gone through. You will however be lucky to get an honest answer of how he feels because no one ever asks us.

Cpl DAG Scania/Iraq

these are his two daughters...Izzy (little) Audie...

Thank you Derek - and those thousands and thousands other young men (and old) and women who are serving our country in this way - more than words can say, I appreciate you all!!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

fun fact...

okay you know I love the dogs...I love their honesty and the warmth of their innate character...I've written many stories in which a dog or dogs are the main characters and humans following as supporting I came across this fun fact:

"According to a pet owner survey, 79 percent of Americans give their dogs holiday and/or birthday presents, and they dole out more cash for dog chow than baby food. Meanwhile, an American Animal Hospital Association poll showed that 33 percent of dog owners admit that they talk to their dogs on the phone or leave messages for them on an answering machine while away."

I'm guilty of giving my dogs holiday gifts...and birthday gifts...also I love to buy fancy treats for my dogs
AND I have to admit I've left voicemails for my dogs...
But also, my dogs love me, I have one dog who calls me her "goddess of glory" (the other one calls me "you") and these dogs work tirelessly to keep the coyotes at bay, to bring special treats for we humans, (dead mice, a deer leg bone, a chewed up pillow from the dump down the road, someone's hard hat, you know those little gifts that make you smile).

Just because I like pictures that make you smile, here are my daughter, daughter in law and grand daughter shopping in my "give to charity" socks...they ended up taking the whole bag and were all quite happy with their plunder:-)

Monday, December 7, 2009

smiles and more smiles

Today is a beautiful cold day here! For that I'm very grateful...I started an extra blog today ( and you're welcome to stop by although I should warn you it's going to be much different than this is where I will deposit my lovingly creative moments, anecdotes if you will and THERE is where I plan to leave the daily dreariness of petty battles, where I will leave the scarred remains of my sanity from time to time.

On a HAPPY note, a new puppy found his way to our home...his name is Pollywog because for some reason that's what he reminded me of!

No matter what goes on in my work world, my real world is sunshine and ice laced trees...going home to a wood stove warmed haven of weaving and sewing and laughter!

Friday, December 4, 2009

oh my GOOD GRAVY!!!!

...okay I confess, I will take the rose colored glasses award for the day...I think I might share it!

I heard a rumor about a coworker and although I am not close with her it just kept eating away at my conscience that I had heard this and should warn her...I kept it to myself for a couple weeks and would just try to stay friendly to her so she didn't feel COMPLETELY alienated then finally yesterday I broke down and pulled her aside...I shared with her the things the other office staff were saying about her and she just smiled at me with an ethereal calm and said "oh yes, I've heard those things about me..."

I was quite taken aback and realized that it's not just because I was so adamant to warn her that it was eating away at was also because by warning her of HER imminent rumor doom I was somehow cathartically cleansing my own soul from the nasty things I'd said about so and so and such and such!

Remember me saying this? Humans are so funny...the happy part of this is somehow in the midst of all the turmoil and stress of the last few weeks I've found a new place of actually having warm fuzzies for those who have in the past made me sigh and throw up my hands...I SOOOO hope this is part of the "getting older" process and not just indicative of having lost a portion of my grey matter!!!

When my darling children were little (hahaha I can say that now without vomiting) when they would get fussy and before I would go stark raving mad, I would take their teary face in my hands and begin what we now call the "worried-mad" game...I'd push their little eyebrows up with my thumb and say "are you WORRIED?" and then I'd push down and say "or are you MAD" and before long it just progressed into pushing up "worried?" and down "mad!" and before they knew it they'd be off into peals of laughter and VOILA! no more tears!
To this day they don't know that it was my tactic for getting them to stop being fussy (dang! I wonder if I ought to MARKET this game?). However, this being said, imagine my utter delight when I received this picture of my daughter apparently playing this same game with HER daughter!!! (CHUCKLE)


Life has been a chair of bowlies...I'm glad things are settling down and although situations did NOT go as planned I have to say this: SOMEWHERE these tests were written into someone's book...I just hope I passed with a better grade this time!

Beautiful Winter's on her way!

Auntie Umatilla wends her way singing a morning song through the frosty willows.
Life is good.
You all have a really good weekend!!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


OMG is it already a WEEK since I wrote? I hope to SHOUT! The world has been spinning and I'ev had moments of clarity but TODAY here is this - a basket I've been weaving through the turmoil and IT came out pretty...I think:

Elections took place last week on Tuesday, neither my brother or me won our positions and it seemed like the world kind of fell into pieces for a in retrospect I have to sit back and wonder...

In 5-10-15 years who is going to remember what took place in 2009 at our tribal elections? Will my children? Or grandchildren? I hope not but what I DO hope is that the things I stood for and believed in and passionately spoke about will remain...I believe that's what we work for, those of us in this blog-world...we hope that by sharing that tidbit of ginger or turmeric in our character will leave a tiny mark in the vast array of gifted writings so voraciously sampled by hordes of hungry readers...this is all we can hope for, that what we truly believe in and speak for will in the end, stand.

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! My brother and I as is our wont took off on a drive after the elections were over - this is what we do, once the "big thing" is over, we take off and get away. So we dropped the kids to say hi and spend the night then off we went on Thanksgiving day! We drove north towards Seattle but only make it part way. On our drive we saw the back of this pick up which was pretty chuckly to us...

Black Friday came along and dannnnnnggggg it was crazy but we don't shop much so it was fun for us to watch the nature of the beast arise in the most genteel of little old ladies! Oh how I love human nature!! Friday evening came along and we went to the annual "lighting of the Christmas tree" in the middle of the city.

I'm one of those schmaltzy people who love love LOVE the Christmas lights and music. I don't know why. I just do; during the lighting of the tree was stopped by and listened to some street musicians (BUSKERS is the actual word but I couldn't quite bring myself to say it). They had made drums from plastic buckets, the kind restaurants buy their olive oil and things like that in. These young men were so talented! I had to give them some change

So many people bustling about! I loved it and one of my favorite moments was when this fairly well off couple sporting cashmere sweaters and italian shoes stopped for a moment, their children immediately began visiting with the street people and petying their dogs. Mrs Snooty Patooty was fairly speechless with horror that her young darling was speaking to these scraggly strangers and she snorted just in time for one of the musicans to hear her... oh how I love the open free-spirited innocence of young children!
We got called home for business on Sunday but we were relaxed and finding a more comfortable place to think from so off we went...

I think we'll be fine and you know what? I've always said Mustard is Sunshine for the tummy...and what does Turmeric do? It imparts the yellow color to mustard!

Friday, November 20, 2009

filling the bucket...

It's been a hectic week. Meetings and pissing matches (if you will)...stressing about this and that. Today is FRIDAY and it's funny that this epiphany comes at the end of the week rather than at the beginning...would haev saved a LOT of ...complaining from me:-). Today I realized with one of those "I could have had a V8" moments that none of the stressing, none of the bad thoughts and bad words will really take me where I want to go, we all pray in our own way and my prayers have been more in the line of whinings this past week so first I offer apologies and THEN I give thanks for the ability to hear beyond what I see! that goes along with this ever growing hope that I will one day be someone my granddaughters can reminisce about "I remember Grandma, she said what she meant and meant what she said!" It's funny really, I remember back when I was sitting in the back seat of my Aunt Dorothy's car...she drove a big old Oldsmobile and I used to marvel at what I in my youth saw as amazing dexterity and confidence as she drove down the road behind the wheel of that big car. I literally had confidence that Aunt Dorothy knew everything...I told her this just a few years ago, she must have been about 28 or 30 at the time but she's now in her 70's and just as beautiful and graceful as she was then...she chuckled at me and tousled my hair (like if I was still IN the back seat of her olds) and said "well, what do you think NOW? do you think I really DID know everything?" We laughed together and she said "remember this...that bucket gets filled one drop at a time and before you know it you're full and it's up to YOU what you're full of!"

I'm listening to Christina Aguilera's song right first it sounded smaltzy (haha is that a WORD?) but here's a part I think works:

And everywhere we go

The sun won't always shine
But tomorrow will find a way
All the other times

'cause we are beautiful no matter what they say

Yes, words won't bring us down, oh no
We are beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring us down
Don't you bring me down today ...

I hope my bucket's filled with clear cold refreshing water from one of my favorite rivers!

this river picture came from a friend of old Celilo Falls picture

Have a good weekend all, I have some new tea I'm going to try out and my grandbabies are on their way to visit me!!!!


Thank you Alice in Wonderland for an award - very much appreciated!

Please also check out some of my favorite places to relax or have my thoughts stirred...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

what it's REALLY all about...

sometimes we just take ourselves too seriously. when all is said and done what does that get us? gray hair and wrinkles? I don't want that!

ya know, i actually have more than one brother. i decided i should share that since i more often than not make reference to just the one...he's about in the middle of them but i am the oldest

in my adopted family - where i was raised, i had three sisters...they were all older than i.

nooo today's story is about my three sons

when my daughter jill was born they were entranced with her, she really was quite stunning if i do say so myself but one day as i changed her, they gathered around the changing table to watch...SUDDENLY the third son BURSTS into tears and sobs his little heart out...

big brother mike looks at him with deep consternation and says "what's the matter, lee bee?" and lee bee bawls out between huge sobs..."sheee doesn't have a PEEEEEEEEEE"

i chuckled a little

big brother mike pats leebee on the back with older brotherly wisdom and says "it's okay leebee. she's grow one!"

i laughed so hard i cried too!

the worried one: leebee

Big brother Mike

To the right in between me and my brother (you have heard of Mr. Man, right?) is second son Derek...and right below is aforementioned daughter.

When I look at these pictures and think of these memories all of the stress and worry about what "they" are saying...the policies and politics of this world just melt away...

first, i am the mama!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

oh be careful little ears...

Yesterday I was minding my own business and working away at my job when I received a text from a very good friend of mine...he was telling me there would be a service at so and so's house on Wednesday. I was at first alarmed because in the longhouse way, we usually only do services at someone's home if they're very sick and wish for healing prayers, or if someone has passed away from that home and they need strength...AND also, if someone just wants to have their home blessed by longhouse songs and words...

I texted my friend back and said "what HAPPENED" to which he responded "nothing Miss Drama, So and So just wants to open their home." When I first read that text I was offended which is funny because in my line of business you can't really be thin-skinned...HOWEVER I think that my process was that this was a very close and dear friend of might even call him "brother" although in the most flexible sense of the word...he had taken what he viewed as a character flaw of mine and made it into a first response? SO RUDE...

Throughout the day (because of course I moved on and other things were more important) from time to time his words returned to me..."Miss Drama" and I began to think..."what if we all did that, pick a particular characteristic we view as a character flaw and use it for a nickname..." I began to fantasize the various nicknames I might give my friend...

Discretion got the better of me and I didn't text my friend back with the names I'd come up with...I also gave him the benefit of the doubt that he too is stressed and might not be as careful with his words as he ought...I also took this as a reminder that I should heed the teachings I know about watching our words..."be quick to listen and slow to speak" and so forth. Also took the lesson that it's not fair to hold this friend to a higher standard, he is after all, human...

This being said, let's get back to the title of this blog "oh be careful little ears what you hear..."

Sometimes you know, we are our own worst enemy...we hear tones that aren't there, we fabricate moments of offense from our own misguided sense of self and sometimes it's best to hear what we heard just as it was said...a passing comment, a tiny whisper...and just stop over thinking these moments...thing is, I'm one of those creative types and truth be told, we do have a tendency to be dramatic. It's true and I'll admit it. One of the benefits of getting older is that I hope hope HOPE I can learn the lessons necessary for gracious living!!!!!

So today instead of noticing the bad things I'm going to listen first for the wind, I love how it sounds in the pine trees up the hills...I love the whistling song it sings as it breezes through the winter wheat sprouting bravely in the cold; I will listen for the river, she sings with wisdom and joy bringing watery lfe where she goes...

this is my beloved Auntie Umatilla (Umatilla River) in the summer...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Karaoke means "empty orchestra" in Japanese

YAY!!! I wasn't sure what to call today's random musings and memories but when I saw the above I KNEW it to be the best description of what you'll read below...

On Friday after a week of hectic and frenetic busy-ness, dealing with mundane AND lurdane (ahahahaha that was FUN) we loaded up the van with a few things and headed off to Portland for what? We'd been invited to a fundraiser gala...

The trip was full of rain washed wonders such as the tree you see above, wonders just waiting to be pictures!
Here's my brother being the stoic Indian looking to the future...or is he just trying to see the coffee stand at the roadside rest area?

Arriving in Portland we checked into our hotel room and took in the view...

...before we knew it we were at the gala - for the first part there was some time for people watching and I have to tell you that was a really fun adventure because this gala was $10,000 per table so the hoity toity of all hoity toities were there...mayors and governors and individuals of that ilk (yay I love that I used the word "ilk").
Although the dinner was quite costly we found humor in the graceful historic architecture...for instance what is actually a gracefully arched entryway artistically edged with fruit and a crysal chandelier looks (to your right) looks much like a grumpy old codger who's saying "don't come in"
Pictured to the left is the hallway going into the banquet hall, a richly decorated and elegant room but what WE saw was a scary movie in the can just imagine the ghostly beings wandering around in the next room and the elevator bells ringing as "no one" takes them up and down the floors...

Our dinner was interesting and we chatted with a random guest who stopped by...she was charming and witty and immediately introduced herself as a "real Indian" which we all chuckled about (east Indian).
Once the dinner was over we were very happy and headed off to our hotel room where we were met with my daughter, granddaughter and their friend. We played around with them for a bit and then off to the rest of our night:-) a night of jollifications and refreshments...

Saturday we visited with Puppy Lee (third son), a visit thoroughly enjoyed and frought with all sorts of hilarity not the least of which was offered by his daughter Kyla who as it turns out is a very intelligent little one year old...Kyla amused us greatly but we also had other stories to catch up on with Puppy Lee, Kyla and Nellie...

Please note the kid pictures aren't very clear because they insisted on wanting to GRAB  the camera as well as be IN the camera::-)

Before we knew it, it was time to head home and the best part of visiting the kids is that when it's time to go home we're exhausted and can't wait to get there!

This tree was just BEGGING to have it's picture taken on the way home so I obliged...

Our last stop before heading home was at the grocery outlet in the Dalles...whilst shopping there we overheard the know the funny thing is, I think that cashiers take a special training to use the loudspeaker, they are instructed to speak in the least understandable intonation possible...very often what you hear over the loudspeaker sounds like "Blug Bluggo Bluggy...Blug PHHHHHHEET Mthofuggy!!!!" which is probably blogworthy in itself but no, at the store we heard blasted about in the most unfortunate of nasal tones "Jesus (pronouned as in Spanish and other such languages HAY SUESS) please come to the front for courtesy pick up, Jesus, courtesy pick up..." and for some reason this caused me to break into peals of laughter - guffaws if you will - I turned to my brother and said "get's SUNDAY and they're calling for JESUS????"

He elbowed me and told me "you're crazy"

and THEN we went home!

Friday, November 13, 2009 the works ANNNNNDD HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!

One of my greatest joys is in the things I see around me. Usually I'm in awe of the splendor - lacy shimmery boughs emerging from lush green of summer through yellow warmth of autumn to cold sparkly winter...that makes me smile...

During the last week's events I was waiting at a bus stop with my brother and we were doing that whole "let off steam by laughing raucously at absolutely nothing" game which I must tell you really relaxes one in the midst of trying times - really. Try it out next time! I noticed a gentleman watching may not have wanted to speak with him but in his eyes I saw such sparkly joy at the inanity of our laughter...I asked him if he minded me taking his picture and he said "of course you can" so I did...

Oh what a SMILE he has!
I thanked him for his picture and we moved on...

When we got home I still had the chores waiting for me...chopping wood and so forth but I spent the majority of the weekend making necklaces. Why? because for some reason that sort of creative outlet brought closure to my bad weeks...really, I do feel better now!
I started this post on Tuesday but didn't finish it - today is Thursday and yesterday was Veteran's Day. Of course where I live this is a time to gather at the longhouse...

First most of the local tribal veteran's gathered at the Veteran's park on our land. Songs of honor and memory are sung and prayers said...then all move to the longhouse where more honoring takes place...this time we recognized one of my nephews who just returned from Iraq. We also recognized our tribal flag and eagle feather which had been sent to Afghanistan with some young men. Of course, because we are American Indians and this is of our culture we ate a meal together...served by the longhouse ladies with love and laughter.

There wasn't enough room the main room for all of us so a few of us cooks and their children ate together in the adjoining room...laughter and fun  at our table was actually at the same level as the room next to us with about four times as many people. My friend brought her children to eat and they kept eyeing the cake you see here...noticing the wonder in their eyes I felt the need to expand on the wonders of this yummy colorful confection and so I started telling the story about how this cake was a Magical Cake and if you wished on the gumdrop with a pure heart your wish would come true...
My friend's children looked at me like "Hm, I don't know if she's crazy or not but she sure does tell a good story - and in the telling of the story they magically finished their meals...which was one of the goals of my story - I used to tell my kids things during dinner and before they knew it they'd eaten their broccoli without once having to complain about the very vegetableness of it!

Next thing we knew, my friend's son had his chicken hat on! She told the story about how this had been his favorite hat for the longest time but that she was pretty sure he hadn't left the house with it. I smiled at him like it was our little and I both know he'd made his wish on the Magic Cake and it came true!!! He chuckled at me and took a big bite...

Laughter continued to be our theme and we all shared memories of our days...full and happy it was time to clean up after the meal and this time it just went so fast!

After a warm day of love and honoring and good food it was time to go home and that's what we did.
I'm headed off for yet another adventure today...I hope you have good plans this weekend!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wow:-) the day just keeps getting better!!!

Had a grand discussion with a good friend - I love friends that bring us balance!

Got another award!!!! Thank you SO MUCH CHRISTIEJOLU!!!

As with all awards they come with rules, so here they are:

1. Thank whoever gave this to you

2. Copy award

3. Post it in your blog

4. Tell us 7 things that your readers don’t know

5. Link 7 new bloggers

6. Notify winners of the award with a comment on their blog

7. Keep being awesome!

Seven things you may not know about me?
1. I love love LOVE Mozart
2. One of my favorite smells in the world is coffee with hazelnut creamer
3. I wish I could kiss just about every horse I pass on the velvety soft nose!
4. Tiny things make me happy - such as tiny yet brilliantly colored flowers peeking up from tall unmown grass.
5. I'm easily intimidated by loud women
6. I one day hope to travel to Alaska


Alice In Wonderland - a fun and amazing place to stop!

Musings From Grandma's Attic - we're kindred spirits

Writing - she's been through the fire and still shines...

Heaven's to Betsy - mmmm a cozy spot for a cup of tea!

Bicando - unique and refreshing

Cut and Dry - very creative and fun

Random Rawr - I'm quite taken with her blog!

Have a good day all!!!

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day - regardless of your feelings on politics please take a moment to give thanks in your own way - to pray for safety and wellbeing for our soldiers out there in the war...

Myself? Thank you Derek and Philip and Stephen and many more!

Monday, November 9, 2009

stupid ol' dogs anyway!!!

My title is humorous yes...but the truth is my last couple of weeks have been horrific and yet gloriously rich at the same I'll start with this. The dogs left again and this time have not returned. I imagine they're off on some trail of curious curiousity and got off track and will just leave it at that!

On Monday last week - wow, just one week ago, I got news that my good and long time friend was very very sick and in ICU in Portland. My brother and I worked the day and then took off to go visit with her. A good plan. We got there and although she was not conscious physically I know she knew of our presence there...we visited with her, laughed, shared stories, sang a longhouse song and finally about midnight after six hours with her we went to my daughters house to rest. I told my brother as we left the hospital "I think she's going to leave in the 3:00 hour. At 3:45 AM her sister called me and said that she had passed at 3:40 AM.

My personal loss is great but at the end of the day, you and I both know none of us gets out of this alive right? I'm grateful for some things, my friend no longer endures the daily pain of her increasingly severe rheumatoid arthritis...she no longer has to bear the pain of once having been a vibrant and bouncy woman of beauty to the needy and dependent...still a woman of beauty though. I will miss her smile - and though she was proper to the core I will also miss her bawdy sense of humor.

A greater loss to Indian country, she was passionate about Indian women's wellness and was not afraid to use herself and her personal experience to further the cause. Her "I finally quit smoking when..." story is pretty amazing and a very apt description of this.

So if you wonder where I was last week - that's where I was...

Friday, October 30, 2009

FRIDAY!!! and the last hour of work!!!

Last night was a meeting - it was very important but OHHHHH so long. If I could I'd share with you the humorous version of the meeting summary my friend and I wrote but alas, I have a shred of conscience that says "no, better not..."

I don't mind the meetings by the way. I know most people will cry and wail about this and that meeting they have to go to but without these meetings how would policies be set? Without new policies, how would our organizations progress? They wouldn't. They would stay in the same place they were hundreds of years ago. Thus, to me, meetings are important enough that I will sit through them and TRY to listen attentively. Ohhhh, please don't let me sound too noble. My brother tells me that nothing escapes my face...if I'm sitting there thinking "you're repugnant and slightly lurdane" it's clearly written on my face. I'll confess right here and now, ALSO, if someone in a meeting mispronounces a word or uses improper grammar? I can't NOT laugh...I'll admit it, I'm a bit persnickety when it comes to these things.

Because it's Friday I will also share with you this gift I received after the meeting. We (my brother and I) were on our way to the car after packing everything up and getting the final details written up...we were relaxing with some sort of bawdy humor of course when I looked down and saw this:

On the ground, in the rain, in the night there it was, a shiny golden heart formed by two autumn leaves...

Somewhere in the midst of the darkness and rain of our lives is ALWAYS the golden heart that brings light...I know this to be true!

Have a good weekend my good friends!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who Knew?????

Okay yesterday as I shared, was a busy, kind of yuk day...I on the other hand have been gifted with some sort of inner ability to find a chuckle where it's needed. As I came out of the restroom stall yesterday my eyes were directly on the level with what's pictured below...

"oh I say, do be a good bloke and scratch the tip of my nose please!" he actually SMILED at me...which made me chuckle because I wonder how many other people walk in and out of that door and see...nothing...

This is "Beaver" our faithful travel companion who is often given to a slight bit of moodiness...he's got a bit of a lisp but we don't really make a big deal of that...we forgive him because he will break into song from time to time and has quite a few salty observations to make regarding the world around us.

I wonder if this car would be chagrined to know HIS face is on his back end????

Elephant Rock is a long standing landmark where I live. It was a gathering place below (at the river) for long before the dynamics of this country changed and still stands up on the hill...

 I try to imagine the stories this pirate rock might tell...looks a little on the disreputable side to me, which means the stories might be all the more enthralling!

I'm headed off to yet another meeting...

Water is my all time favorite element in this universe...when I saw this heartshaped rock in the midst of a little waterfall it was just so amazing. I left the rock where it was, I hope anyone who came behind me did the same! THESE are meant to be enjoyed and appreciated by many.

Have a good afternoon all!!!!