Monday, June 22, 2009

Purple hues…

This song was heard from long before
Quietly wafting across the land
Beautiful notes created with love
And melodies written with gentle hand

She gathered together those whom she loved
To sing with her was a pleasure
Smiles and laughter no matter the pain
These are the moments we treasure…

Twinkles of humor shining like opals
Purple hues a shawl for her spirit
Wisdom arose from tablets of paper
And wrapped her words up in it…

So there sits the drum in silence
awaiting the next generation of rain
Those she taught will soon gather there
That her teachings would not be in vain.

Colors blended from the sun and flowers
Strength ripples through purple hue
Somehow we knew to listen with awe
This song will forever be true…

06/22/09 smg