Friday, October 23, 2009

cirque du soul

hahaha I have to chuckle because that title just came to me - I was thinking about what I might share today and I have to tell you it's been a deep digging week.

First I have to share that the wondrous keepers of our sanity and the guardians of the Little House on the Prairie may very well have moved on to a new assignment - oh don't be sad for us, in the country (as some of you might know) our keepers don't always stay long...not like my friend in the city who was so attached to her cat that when took ill and died she took a MONTH...say it with me...A MONTH off from work to recover.No, we wish them well if they've gone and will respect the joyous kissings of their memory...

Rocky and and hugs to you!!! It's actually another ironic moment, the LAST time I took a close up shot of one of our keepers (Daisy) SHE took off the next day too.

I'm in tribal's a challenging and daunting task from day to day but the rewards are beyond expression...when a policy I helped draft is brought to fruition by helping just ONE tribal member access a service not available to them prior to the inception of that policy it's a rich moment.

It's election year. I have to tell you, this brings out the best AND worst in people...the office I'm running for has three nominees, one, the incumbent has been making herself unpopular throughout her four years in term and has alienated herself in more ways than I can or should try to say here with her constituents. The other one happens to be my dear Auntie whom I love, treasure and respect...bottom line is, when I look in the mirror today I know beyond a shadow of doubt that I am indeed not the person who came to this reservation five years ago...that person was broken, tired and hopeless, afraid to speak her mind and afraid to be hurt one more time.

I have people who want to help me win this election and this is part of the SOUL part...they met with me on Wednesday and part of their counsel to me was to use the weakness of my opponent against about the things she's done wrong and exploit her every mistake to advance my own cause. Everything in me recoils at the thought and yet the evil twin lurks inside saying it's okay just this once...

Bottom line? I will not bow to base finger-pointing and name-calling, I will not use the weaknesses of my opponent to stand up higher and I will move forward knowing to the depth of my heart that I am working from integrity and honesty, I will be a respectable grandma and not a odious hoyden!!!!

:-) So...there it is

Have a good weekend my friends!!!


Alice in Wonderland said...

Oh, Flying Eagle Woman!
You would have my vote everytime! I know that you would always do the best, and I know that you think things through properly before you speak. You are kind, honest and truthful to a fault! How I wish you could put everything right! You are wise way beyond your years! I am proud to be your friend, and I bet your friends are many!
I wish you all the Good Luck that you so very much deserve!
Big Hugs!

bonequinhoda bic said...

Sweet Mother, i feel the tenderness of your Love and friendship.And like a Portuguese Poet used to say "Friendship crosses an ocean quicker than any ship".
Thank you very much for that.

Betty said...

Flying Eagle Woman, you are such a respectabe woman.
It's wonderful having "met" you.
Have a nice weekend:)
hugs hugs

Anonymous said...

Loosing a pet is hard. We just lost a dog that we have had for 8 years. It is sad, but a month off of work. Wow!

Best of luck on your campaign! I hope you win and will keep checking back to see how it is going. I admire you for not running a smear campaign too! You are too awesome!!!

*°º¤♥-=|F®äñ|=-♥*°º¤ said...

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Anonymous said...

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