Monday, October 5, 2009


Please go check the blogs you see them? mad blogs about this, food that, collages of food, recipes for decadent food...discussions about chocolates and

Speaking of which - do you ever notice how unspeakably mean W__t Watcherz is to Hungry? I mean really...the poor guy only wants to share his ICE CREAM and donuts!

I for one say it's time for a gentler kinder treatment of poor Hungry!!!!


sarah said...

yummmy. that first picture is incredibly yumsville. You made me smile. Sarah

Alice in Wonderland said...

This is such a beautiful site! I just LOVE everything about it! I was particular interested in the traditional weaving. These seem to be dying arts these days!
I love the traditional bags with the tassels! Very fashionable!
You didn't pick up the award that I gave you to paste on your side bar!
Big Hugs!