Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bunny Tree Memorial

I remembered the Bunny Tree today - I tried to find a picture to depict the pure Bunniness of this tree which heralded each season proudly, shared winter dreams and held on to night time secrets told in the rushing winds of wheat scented summer air but alas, there were no such pictures to be found.

Bunny Tree could be seen from our little house ON THE PRAIRIE...we could stand at our door and there he'd be out standing in his field (LOL) shaped much like the chocolate bunnies eagerly awaited on Easter's true he heralded in the seasons...

First, Spring, he would yawn and stretch and scratch his nose (don't quite understand the mechanics of this but I KNOW he did!) and slowly, gracefully he'd grow his leaves and being a tree he'd smile in delight as each one grew to its greenest leafiest beauty...he'd take on the Spring Rains like a long awaited and so refreshing shower, tapping his feet as though to a long missed song along with the rhythm of the rain.

Summer would come and the hot Eastern Oregon breezes would waft across his leaves with wheat scented power and stories of cool streams down below. Bunny Tree wasn't envious, his roots grew deep into the earth and he'd wiggle his toes in the cool undercurrent of the spring he grew in...he would smile a secret smile and wonder at my hot misery (oh how I hate to be too hot!).

Fall arrives and Bunny Tree would sing a happy stickgame song as he one by one released his leaves to a golden flurry of changing colors. He peeked a few last peeks at the azure sky and sleepily blinked as we zipped by him on Very Important Biz. He smiled a little for he believes us to be younger than his fledgling twigs flung below in joyous abandon. He wonders why we zip about so quickly when all the growing in the world kept him solidly and placidly in one spot.
Cold arrives and Bunny is fast asleep...he dreams of crackling fires and laughter amid even MORe stickgame song and he smiles in his sleep. From time to time he yawns and stretches for in the early winter there are still a few warm days...
Bunny Tree left in a wind storm earlier this year. He didn't say goodbye because to him he wasn't leaving US, he was just GOING to a new place...the birds who faithfully sang with him through his time here kind of perched on his broken branches with questions and songs to send him on his way...
This is his memorial.

Friday, January 11, 2008


all i know is this has been AGAIN such a long week...

can't wait for SUNDAY


I'm listening to Blondie singing "Atomic" which accounts for the title of this really has nothing to do WHATSOEVER with what I'm thinking but there it is.


inane thoughts
no less cumbersome
with their flighty lighting
ahhhh to smell
the blessed scent of
being home free

how then to be renewed
and remain
within bounds of jollification?
do you imagine
and in your meanderings do you

i do.
with malice aforethought
i will crush into dust
for this is not yet the noble visage
with fierce covetousness
will i wage war with
and with patience will i stand

for therein lies
the song...