Thursday, September 4, 2008

sappiness for my children...

I wrote this in 2005 - don't know if I've ever shared it but it's still true...those kids are AWESOMENESS!

did you know
i’d give you my life?
would throw myself down
to end all your strife?
i wanted for you
all music and fun
it turns out you may
have gotten neither one

you must know i love you
with aching desire
i’d hold you forever
to keep you from fire
do you remember the time
when i used to bake bread?
you’d wake up to the smell
after you’d gone to bed

i’ve not always done
what you thought i should do
but i hope you know this,
i’ll always love you
i’m proud of your lives
and the choices you make
i don’t always like though,
the paths you take

remember my song
when you can’t see my face
that’s who i am
and that is my place
remember my song
on the river’s light breeze
i’ll bake you some bread
and brew you some tea...

2/2/05 smg

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

billboard hits...

My brother posted this video in my myspace comments - but truth is, me and Tiny Tim go a looooonnnnnngggg way back!!!!

You probably know I grew up back in the dark family didn't own and if they had, wouldn't watch adopted mother's idea of "tv" was to bring us all down to my Auntie Una's house to watch when the astronauts landed on the moon...also from time to time I would sneak a glimpse whilst at either my Auntie Una or Aunt Susie's house...

One such time, I was at Aunt Susie's for my voice lessons (the coincidence is quite amusing if you will) when one of those variety shows came on (about 1968) and this is the first time I heard the dulcet tones of Tiny Tim...I was fascinated. Kind of a horrified fascination perhaps...

At any rate, I followed anything I heard about Tiny Tim from then on...for instance how many of you know that when he married his bride Victoria (a model of course), he wept ONE TEAR into an I know why??? no, the mere fact of knowing made me happy...

So this is just one of those "hey guys I'm from the Plastoceian Era..." blogs.