Thursday, May 24, 2007

Teachings of Big Sister Eleanor

I got an email today from the daughter of Eleanor and I won’t go into those details but the bottom line is we all have teachers in our lives, I learned from Eleanor. I hope that what I shared with her was encouraging to her, the daughter of Eleanor because to me, it’s dishonoring her memory to not follow her teachings...but hey...that’s just me:-) this is what I shared with the daughter and I blog it here for my own reference – am I going to follow the ones who have taught me??? We’ll have to see hm?

"Your mother along with many elders like her was a teacher in the way she lived her life. Each day is a choice to us, am I going to be content and live at peace with the life Creator has handed to me? Am I going to stand strong in the beliefs I have chosen to carry me through the bumps and lumps of life on this planet? Will I graciously submit to the teachings and corrections of my elders and pray for strength to follow them even when it looks impossible? These are things I saw in your mother. Not once did I ever hear her complain of pain or speak ill of anyone. Up to the very end she was affectionate and loving. I just hope that when I’m gone I will have left behind even a TINY bit of this kind of legacy for my children and grandchildren!

And that’s where our songs come in. They are not just sounds...they were given to us for all these reasons, for strength and for prayers and for WISDOM and teachings and even correction. So that’s what I share with you todayJ A SONG!!!!"

Thursday, May 10, 2007

my friend joy sometimes makes me want to sing...

well on my way home tonight and believe me, it was a very interesting night i heard the trees whispering. you know when the world is sleeping the business keeps getting done? Bunny tree was counting the stars and i heard him "five million google and seven, five million google and eight..." and i asked him Bunny why do you count the stars? he smiled as i drove by in the cool sweet smelling night "someone has to keep track of the dreams of children and that's where they on each star"
as i passed the Willow in the fiery yard (another story altogether) i heard him singing under his breath and it was such a deep rich song it could make you cry and dance with wild abandon..."this one walks in silence, he thinks his heart to be broken - his thoughts run wild and angry, these things he thinks unspoken...i'll sing to him tonight and in the morning he may smile. i'll gently hold his heart and let him rest awhile..." i asked Willow who is it you sing for? and he quietly pondered as i slowed for a passing truck "i sing for those who can't hear the song, and the ones who do should listen..."
Dirty Dirty stirred as i drove by in the night and she dreamt of suns yet to be risen; even the Mouse who i try to shun speaks stories to pheasants under the stars...
so dream in peace and awake in joy but always and forever there will be songs...

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

glorious moments crashing...

happy birthday andre...

ugliness i will not partake
from glorious moments of the past
to hear shattered visions by lurdane rhetoric?
no, not i...
first but to scoff and toss the hair
and then to ponder
is this my heart unaware?

i soared through the
new blossoms of wisdom
wispy tendrils of growth
songs sprang from the deep
i heard them
quiet whispers of callous vacuity
oh please is this
my truth of identity?

breaking through the insignificance...
this is my hope
what i believe to be true
is the songs that i sing
and from my heart these songs
will fill with fire
burning away
the selfish chaff and numbing fear
i will stand and i will not wallow
in ugliness...