Saturday, March 19, 2011


I've been trying UBER hard to work...oh, I've done this little chore and that little presentation, but the actual WORK I need to do? Not gettin' done...

It's not exactly a lovely day, it's pretty chilly and grey outside - the kind of day one might build a nice fire and perhaps do some necklace making? Or even just curl up here with King Sir Chitten Chat and read a good book...
OR I could go outside in the brisk, fresh Spring air and play with my two little fats...oh, you might know them as puppies, but if you'll check them out it's clear to see they are merely called "fats"
Weaving and sewing always call my name on a day like this, so I'm not sure what to expect but I do know it's going to be amazing because here's the truth: A DAY IS WHAT I MAKE IT and I choose to make today AMAZING...
I hope you all have amazing weekends!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

this river carries my thoughts

twilight moments of lingering memories
twinges of pain amid cool smiles
swirling fingertips in pools of magic
this river carries my thoughts

once youthful bouncy saucy flitting
nary a pause given to future
save flawed moments of dour ponder
the murky floods of dark abandon

fortune flows through golden haze
heat and cold, the wax and wane
contralto aria woven through
eyes closed to taste time's juice

gracious years unfold their wings
emerging gently spirit glows
deepened shadows ride the song
and smiles rise with opened heart

no less grateful than at dawn
twilight beckons, ever warm
take a moment...a sigh...a bite
for now in depths - you are truly aged

twilight moments and memories linger
twinges of pain amid cool smiles
swirling fingertips in pools of magic
this river carries my thoughts


lithe tendrils pushing through
spots of color bravely new
wafts of scents flit by on breeze
Spring is waking up

loamy soil breathes strong and warm
dainty bulbs bloom yellow form
gentle rain sings hopefully...
Spring is waking up

smoky ashes flickering ember
fire warm with chill remembered
build just one more fire?
Spring is waking up!

Monday, March 14, 2011

confront to resolve...

One of my dearest friends told me this once - and throughout my life, I've had a few people who were willing to step out on a limb and tell me when they thought I was going the wrong way. One, I'll share because it still poignantly reminds me to be REAL.

In fifth grade it was determined I had enough of a lisp to be considered a speech impediment; I was chosen along with a fellow student Annie B to attend speech therapy. Annie B was a little different that "the rest of us" and as you well know, fifth graders are particularly unforgiving of quirks and differences. To the rest of the world, I don't believe I'd have ever admitted that I actually loved Annie B...we'd laugh and joke and talk during our speech therapy. One day after school she ran up to me and said something all happy and smelling like a fresh spring afternoon - I looked at her like I'd never seen her before and said something particularly odious - the smile melted off her face and for a flash of time she looked unutterably sad then she got angry and said to me "you're nothing but a fair weather friend Shawna, and it's worse than not HAVING a friend, having a fair weather friend!"

I didn't think so much about it until later in life but she was speaking the truth to me...DEEP truth.

It's so much kinder in the long run, to speak the truth at the beginning of "something"...when my sister and I are in an argument I will now just tell you, "when you do THIS, I feel THIS..." and I believe we will both be stronger for it. When my friend is rushing headlong down a path that ends in a steep and unforgiving cliff, I will call to her "stop or you're going to run off a cliff!" instead of HOPING she figures it out...

I will always be grateful to the one who told me "confront to resolve"

POSTSCRIPT: I later in life met up with Annie B in a more loosely structured time, she'd chosen a path not taken by many and her life was full of light and love; I apologized to her at that time because I knew I had been wrong, she readily forgave me and we've been friends since. This brings out another point in the confront to resolve topic. APOLOGIES ARE SOMETIMES NECESSARY. I hear a lot around me about "NEVER BE SORRY FOR YOUR ACTIONS, YOU ACTED FROM THE HEART" and I just do not believe this to be the most productive response. An apology though, coming from the repentant heart goes a long way in restoring a wounded trust.