Thursday, October 1, 2009

healing words...

sometimes there aren't enough words
the sadness runs too deep
will i then offer you the sun?
the cracks in your soul spilled through
pouring out rough burning angst
can i give you the river running near?
you call out with birdsong
the wind rushes to your aid
do you wear her against your cheek like a gentle touch?
i know where you are
a much quieter place
can you feel love there?
weeping will cease
but never forgotten
i hope you know you'll never be forgotten...


Alice in Wonderland said...

Flying Eagle Woman,
I am so sorry that I have not commented on your pages for a while, but everything has been going wrong for me! First my computer went down, then when I tried to use my back-up one, some of the keys stuck, because I had forgotten that my niece had spilt sherbet over it, so I had to eventually buy a brand new one, and that took a whole afternoon to set up and get running!
But I am pleased to see that you have not given up on your writing!
I just love your poetry! Is it traditional? Have you wrote it yourself? I've never read any of it before, but it is so beautiful!
It just reminds me of the Old West and the plight of the original Indian tribes that I have read so much about!
It's very romantic, yet tinged with sadness too, and I just love it!
You are such a good friend to have and I am both honoured to have met you, and ashamed for neglecting you. But , at least my computer is now behaving it's self, I promise that I'll be here as often as I can.
I may just have a present for you over the week-end too!
Take care, big hugs. XXXX

Alice in Wonderland said...

Flying Eagle Woman,
I have a little present for you on my blog. It's about time that you had one!
Big Hugs XXX

flying eagle woman said...

Thank you so much for your kind ocmments here:-) I'm so glad you enjoy my blog. Yes, everything written here is original UNLESS I have "written by" along with it...Glad to see you back, take good care of yourself!

Alice in Wonderland said...

Flying Eagle Woman, I am always watching and reading, even if I couldn't always get to comment!
Big hugs and much love, always!