Thursday, October 14, 2010

it's NOT all about me!

I was pouting this morning. Yes, and had a very negative outlook on the world. I looked at a picture of my granddaughter, and as I was walking by the front office I saw a picture of a young boy who'd gone missing in Portland this last week.

I hope this young boy is returned unharmed to his the core of my being I hope this...and I am grateful to know that each of my granddaughters are safe today...

Nothing to pout about HERE!!!!!


My good friend said this: "We urgently need to make compassion a clear, luminous and dynamic force in our polarized world" I didn't realize hed' gotten that from this page:

I love that he said that. Compassion is a difficult task for the sun-baked hedonistic society most of us dwell in. We look with distaste at the woman forlornly pushing her shopping cart up the street, turning up our nose at her wildly mussed hair and untied shoes...we think nothing of driving by the vacuous blue eyed girl standing in the street with her cardboard sign saying "god bless" if you give her a quarter. I myself have felt the heated burn of anger that someone young enough to STAND in that place for eight hours certainly must be able to find work...for truly, I couldn't stand there for ONE hour let alone eight...

Having said that, I will work harder on THAT part of me:-)

It's a busy day and I need to accomplish some I will leave you with this:

A pancake, two eggs and a sausage walk into a bar.

The bartender says, Sorry. We do not serve breakfast.'

Thursday, October 7, 2010

oh frabjous day!

Well I had a lot to say today but I'm in a meeting right now and it's making me want to grind my teeth...I guess the upside to that is that in between being very busy and important I can write this fun stuff...

'Course that was yesterday and now again...busy.


It's a good day and here's why:

  • Friends and Family are rich and in abundance, they're wise, funny, loving, truthful and raucous.
  • The sun rose from the east - this is always a good thing
  • My kitty continues to accomplish that for which we acquired him...depleting the mouse population in my world - for that, my kitty deserves high praises and happy dances
  • Purple items are in abundance in my world...
  • I think I'm growing a little each least that's my goal
Life is good...