Friday, October 16, 2009

count your blessings!

okay so this is it. after this weekend we're going to go down to that cat place in town where they have kitties who have not only had their shots but that are also HOUSETRAINED. I mean please how could anything be better????? This is how I think things might be going in the little Mouse Community where I live...

Euphemina (mama mouse): Kids, you better pack up, I heard Them thundering about in the mountains and They are inviting the Great Evil to their domain.

Shmiffen, Phthormae and Hester (kid mice) all shiver and look with wonder at their mama, big ears trembling they quaver at her "whhhattt? the Great EVIL????"

Euphemina snorts: yes, after all we've done for Them, They will do this thing and we must pack our belongings and begin the Long Trek To the Other Prairie Home. I will put together some supplies and we will begin leaving tomorrow.

PhivelTipitMunstich (Papa Mouse) stands up: Well now, (harrumph...and can you please imagine by the way, how it sounds when a MOUSE harrumphs? Probably to you and I it sounds like a medium high squeak) you kids better be ready, and Euphie (her shortened name) did you wash all of their Skechers? (HAHA now you and I might be amused that mice wear tennis shoes named like OUR tennies but to the mice this is no small matter).

Euphie retorts "yes of COURSE I washed their skechers and you KNOW I've done all...

PhivelTipitMustich interrupts her, "now don't go gettin' all het up Euphie, I'm just gettin' ready to warn the kids about those big lumbering oafs Rocky and Sandy who will do all manner of stupid stunts to try and scare them as we leave this prairie!"

I won't go further into the preparations taken by these little creatures. I will tell you that Rocky and Sandy aren't very astute with regards to the whole rodent issue, we tried to show them a mouse and they just looked at it like "uh, that isn't steak" which I guess can't really be seen as their fault...we do spoil them a bit.

Long story short, the Great Evil, a CAT is going to be brought to our home early next week! I'm OH SO EXCITED!


Janice said...

lol love the story

Alice in Wonderland said...

Loved the story and illustrations!
I just love all of your writings, period!

Grandma K said...

What a great story!

bonequinhoda bic said...

I really miss this kind of illustrations.Nowadays we have all of this technology which permit us to draw almost anything,but this sort of drawings seem to me had the abillity to get attatched a piece of the artists soul.