Wednesday, April 4, 2012

a quiet place...

Last night I had a dream. It was so vivid...I was with a group of people at home, we were gathered at the longhouse at what my son, when young, would call "blue dark." We looked towards the western sky and suddenly it was lit up with fire and sparks. Clear. Fire and sparks. Either Mt. Hood or the Three Sisters were erupting. All I remember is thinking "oh babies, run, please RUN."

Truth is, one day, none of us will know when, the sky IS going to light up, the fire's going to be somewhere near people who are loved and suddenly, thousands, millions, maybe even ALL life essences as we know them will be extinguished.

My hope, strength and peace in the midst of that dark knowledge is this: THIS WORLD IS NOT MY HOME.

Today I canceled my FB membership. In the glaring light of constant electronic traffic I realized "FB is not only the social network, it's the distraction, the false idol and the utter nonsense of these days." I tire of the constant whining of relatives "does ANYONE know where I can get a cheap so and so?" This looks so innocent and I've seen many respond, but looking deeper you can see "Does anyone have a so and so they can give me so I don't have to go buy one of my own? I SO need these new shoes instead!"

Ah the utter jaded soul. I don't want it! I want to remember the snowy days with purity and innocence. I want to share thoughts that are read in more than a fleeting glance; I want MORE...

So long FB, HELLO BLOG...I've missed you!!!!!!