Tuesday, August 7, 2007

...what jet li said

"...you can beat up the body, but that does not change the heart..." this is something jet li said in an interview about his final action movie "fearless"
i've pondered this for the last day and a half or so and that's why i opened up with that thought HOWEVER
this blog's about my garding...and more activity goes on in THERE than you can possibly imagine!
Entire communities of tiny black ants have taken up tipi livin' in my cornstalks...they were invited I believe first, by the mice, who smelling the sweet silk as it developed climbed up with all their brazenness and opened up the ears on the bottom...then followed the pheasant teenagers who for some reason even though they know it makes me mad have to always announce themselves "hey INSIDE THE BIG BOX OF HIDINESS (yes, HIDINESS, they think me and Brother are HIDING FROM THEM when we're inside the house) WE ARE HERE TO EAT YOUR CORN, SMASH YOUR SQUASH, MAKE LOUD NOISES, ANNOY THE SWALLOWS AND STEP ON THE TOADS!" Brother and I usually ignore them for rather than HIDING, we are usually Doing Important Home Things and don't really care what the teenage pheasants are up to...
We also have a Hawk who has taken on the assignment of "Looking After Them" and who peers at us sternly in all our doings..."hm, are you going to DO that?" "hmmmm, did you really GO THERE?" "ahem...did you WASH THAT FIRST?" and such strict guidance of our activities. We listen respectfully to him for we are pretty sure he's been sent there by Sonny or Mama or any one of our beloved who has left us out here...a couple times I found myself even ASKING him..."Sir Hawk, do you think this color goes with THIS ribbon?" to which he chuckles amiably and tries to pat me on the back "yes little one...go ahead with your little project"
Mr. & Mrs. Toad have moved out for they just couldn't stomach the din created by the entire pheasant community moving in after their wheat field home had been pillaged by the Enemy Farmers. That's very well and good, for between you and me, they were an ugly little couple and I never could quite get used to having them come out and greet me every dang morning!
So there it is. My garding has become a place of refuge for the tired...(ants); the poor...(idiot pheasants); the lame (the mice) and is no longer the lush green it started out as HOWEVER the good thing is, all of these creatures have seen fit to leave my tomatoes alone! So when it's time to pick them I'll most definitely share!!!

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Grandma K said...

I hope the tomatoes make it! I'm sure there is another poor creature who will need to make use of them somewhere about! I'm glad you already are ready to share.