Friday, August 17, 2007


the new kid... Current mood:’s FRIDYA!!!
so you now know that the toads have gone...driven hither by the din of teenage pheasants - right?
they stopped by whilst i was At The Place Of Many Papers where the Humdrum Becomes Drama and Insanity Prevails (work) and left a token of their love. brother and i came home early today (i will share why soon) and i went to the door to look out and WHOOP! i thought i saw a brown toad sitting on our doorstep! nope...just a piece of bark but WHO may i ask you would put a toadshaped piece of bark there??? ONLY MR AND MRS TOAD - thank you by the way, we're doing fine and Mr. Man sends along his salutations and wishes you many happy returns of the day!
Our Watcher Hawk Clarence sharply glared as Daria fancy danced her way into the Wide Path of Entry to Hidiness (oh dang those pheasants listened WAY TOO MUCH to Sonny and Chunxy Mama!) and surely you know that when Daria fancy dances it's because Mr. Man is at her wheel! Back to Clarence who asked us sternly just what we were about returning to Hidiness so early in the day (apparently he knows our schedule) and out of Daria we emerged with what?
The New Kid. Our tiny black kitten with sparkly eyes and a mighty hiss of defiance!
So out there this evening in the cool summer wheat sunset Clarence is hunting and the pheasants are dust bathing in the garding (the corn is long gone with woeful stalks chewed to the core...) and settling down with some quiet stickgame songs (yeah...okay we ALL know stickgame songs are never quiet!); the beetles are gathering on the front porch for council - i've asked them politely time and again to meet elsewhere, but what are ya gonna do? The New Kid is gathering information with which to make himself at home and it's FRIDAY...
Mr. Man is resting up for jollifications and here i am...

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