Sunday, August 12, 2007

oh so much home...

i spent the day at home by myself was fun and i didn't for one minute feel alone...those dang pheasants kept trying to visit with me, the teenagers were on their own today, mom had gone somewhere and here's the deal - all they wanted to talk about was what kind of beetles i know what? i totally think they were makin' fun of me because i am not kidding, last week this huge beetle came lumbering into the house while my brother was off with jollifications. the beetle stopped on the floor and looked at me "so, little missy, how's it going tonight? harrrumph, ahem, well, now i think i'd like to take a minute and just hang out for a bit here errr harrumph eh???" i won't lie to you, i was a little taken aback not having met in person a beetle of such proportions. i texted my brother on the phone and told him and he thought i was maybe having perception problems but when he got home and picked up the towel i'd thrown over the beetle (sorry, Mr. Beetle, i know this may have been rude but DANG you were big!) and there he was about 6 inches long!!!!! anyway the trauma was a lot to overcome and i KNOW those pheasants heard all about THAT'S why i think the teenage pheasants were makin' fun of me today!!!
but i'm sewing now and i cleaned out my fabric box so i don't REALLY care:-)

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