Thursday, July 12, 2007

oh how silly

do you have people around you who just won't for the LIFE of them tell you "I love you?" you don't want to say it to them because they won't answer and then what, you're left hanging by a thread of self-doubt and psychical thunder...i know someone who never says "i love you" to me...he says it to all and sundry around me, throws it cheerily in the wind like hot summer wheat but NEVER says it to me...i'll tell him of my challenges and victories and he never pats me on the back or tells me "good job" and i'm sitting there wondering "who is going to tell me i'm okay if this one doesn't?"

wallowing on in silliness until out of the blue i come home and what awaits me? the most gloriously worked silver bracelet...or a new shower head...or seeds for my garden or a book i've been checking out on

yeah...what are those words? WORDS...

tattered spirit
wounds bared to the sun
sometimes too tired
can’t even run

looking with hope
for a glimmer of love
an encouraging whisper
is that unheard of?

wallowing endlessly
self-pity erodes
agonies idiocy
the psyche implodes

sighing deeply relief
shines brightly from there
oh silly spirit
quit grasping at tares

look at that sunshine!
the smiles therein knowing
can you hear that singing?
deep love is glowing

stop wearing the clothes
that don’t fit or look right
start trusting your heart
and just walk in this LIGHT