Wednesday, September 30, 2009

okay really...enough about the dogs!

this afternoon i was reminded of how much encouragement we humans need just to function from one day to the next...
one afternoon i was on a beautiful drive from point a to point b (yeah, most such drives ARE beautiful) but on this drive i couldn't help noticing the trees as they sped by waving their graceful branches at me on my way...

if you listen closely you can hear the deep earthy hum of their ancient song but if you don't, likely you'll hear a breeze and maybe brush your hair out of your eyes with a little irritation...this is the song as they told me: (sorry, you'll just have to imagine for yourself the deep warm dreaminess of the melody)

mmmmm slowly i march
deep are my roots
i drink the water
from deep below

slowwwwly i march
wisdom i seek
as i drink the water
from deep below

i've grown so long
memory refreshes like dew
my mother brought me
from deep below

changes i've seen are many
some worse than words can say
and i draw strength
from deep below...

as you know trees are much older than we are...if I sang to you the whole song we'd both be here for quite some time but the truth is, if you pause to take a look at the trees you drive by, try to hear them...they sing beautifully!!!!

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