Wednesday, September 16, 2009

calloo callay!

it's been one of those weeks - you know the ones, where you're half way in between wanting to drink a fifth of Jack Daniels or join a monastery...
so here's the solution:
Rocky and Sandy Have a New House
It was a balmy summer's end evening when Mr. Man decided to go ahead and put up the "Old Tyme Home From Way Back When" which you must know at first made Sandy and Rocky quite nervous...
First Mr. Man drug some long naked trees from the side prairie (they are silly, they don't know it's just the part of the yard that doesn't get mowed as often as the other...they call it the prairie). This embarrassed Rocky and Sandy a little because even a dog knows that fur must be worn at all times! He then stood them all up in a tall somewhat threatening stack and began throwing one of Missy Ma'am's biggest blankets around them!
Ohhhhh they look at each other and blink - this can't be good...
and yet it IS good...Mr Man says a few strong words, Missy Ma'am comes out of the house with a steaming hot cup of glorious spicy smelling elixir (tea)

Rocky and Sandy looked askance at such shenanigans for truly, the idea of drinking hot water infused with floral and/or medicinal leaves was pure idiocy. They kind of smiled at Missy Ma'am and went back to watching the whole saga of the "Old Tyme Home from Way Back When" and saw that Mr. Man had indeed mastered the big blanket he was throwing around over the naked trees. The two looked in awe at the final product in the waning sunset...hmmmmmm, very interesting to be sure!

Sandy broke into song which happens from time to time

ohhhhhhhhhhh there's a new house in our yard...
there's a new house in our YAAAARRRRDDD
we will not chew and we will not pull
for putting it up looked real HARD
and ohhhhhhhhhhhh there's a new house on our LAND
there's a new house on our LAAAANNND
and we will not bite or lift our leg
because this new house was made by HANNNNNND
I don't know what to tell you about Sandy...he's a very unique and gifted dog...please note that he WINKED at the end of his song!
It turned out to be a beautiful day...


Alice in Wonderland said...

Flying Eagle Woman! I love your posts! You don't write half as much as I would like you to. I just love to read your stories...and yes, dogs DO wink!
I want a tent in my garden, but it is too cold here, and it's only Autumn!
Have a great day. Big Hugs to you all!

Grandma K said...

What a wonderful story!!