Monday, September 28, 2009

don't let's be silly!!!!!

at our household...the little house on the prairie if you will, we constitute quite a little crowd, first, there are the two humanoids - that would be my brother (mostly known as Mr. Man by the furry and/or winged creatures) and me (also known as Missy Ma'am by there aforementioned), there are the two Esteemed Ones, Rocky and Sandy who watch over us diligently night and day, there's Eyak and Oyak, the teenage pheasants who are both raucous and bawdy and they imbibe a little too much for good taste, there's Aristotle, the wise and thoughtful toad, Gilbert and Heather, the head of the Hawk families, there's Anastasia, the mama starling, and never to be left out, there are many who go unnamed but do not for one day go unnoticed and those are the UCLA (Upper Cayuse Lower Adams) Lakuts (that's mouse in Nez Perce by the way) clan...

Friday we took the long trek to the Far Away City of Wondrous Adventures and Many Beautiful Lights of least that's how Bella has expalined it to Rocky and Sandy, you know they believe Bella to the very core of their beings.
While there, we visited with relatives and friends...also doing some business along the way.

Saturday we were growing weary of such fun and frivolity and after roaming from one amazing Goodwill to another, we took our tired selves to the homes of Puppy Lee and Puppy Jill (although these two are 21 and 23, the dogs will NEVER stop calling them Puppy...therefore, the children of these two become the Puppy's complicated).

I sang a few songs for the two Puppy Pups - Nellie and Kyla, who sang along with me for a few minutes, then turned their attention to more important activities such as trying to eat the toy that makes beatific music and trying to walk from point a to point b...these are very highly prized achievements and not to be taken lightly.

Mr. Man napped along with Puppy Lee who although fairly young seemed quite tired...

All in all it was a successful visit but we were happy to go home to our little menagerie. The long drive from the Far Away City of Wondrous Adventures and Many Beautiful Lights of Grandeur to our Little House on the Prairie was peaceful and joyous although frought with many empty calorie type snacks and a LOT of diet peach snapple...utterly antipodean...candy bars...DIET tea and I hope you know I chuckled aloud for the chance to use that word!!!! When we got home we did a few homey things and then we invited the dogs to enter through the Forbidden Gate into the Wondrous Room of Colours and Sounds (our living room) but the dogs looked at us as though we'd gone mad and said "come in????" I implored Mr. Man...I said "I just want them to have a quick nap with me!!!" and he took pity on me and PHYSICALLY invited them in...this is not an engraved invitation so to speak but rather, the act of bundling them one at a time into his arms and carrying them to my monarchical divan...I later invited them back outside, an invitation they heartily accepted then ONE more time I again invited them inside...they chuckled kindly, then gave in to full on guffaws with much paw slapping and chortles "don't let's be silly!"

I could hear them outside in the tipi as I closed the door..." come IN she said..."


Alice in Wonderland said...

Oh, Flying Eagle Woman! I love you so much! You make me want to laugh and cry so much! I love the way that you write, you should really write more. I love your way of life...and something special made you visit my blog that day!
I want a monarchical divan too!
Happy Tuesday! Lots of love! XX

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