Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ohhhh how i love the smell of sour milk and kisses!!!!

the four grandkids visited this weekend...they had quite a time really, nellie and kyla berry are within months of each other yet they have quite the amazing sibling dynamic going. they don't exchange looks, rather, noises and grunts accompanied by the occasional pat or hair tug.

these four are so different from each other and yet if you watch them they are saying the most amazing things:

Kyla: Nellie, would you please hand me that toy? I like the pretty colors and I want to play a Concerto I wrote yesterday.

Nellie: Kyla, I'm using this right now to bake a ham and maybe some might try to use THAT toy.

Kyla: Nellie, I don't actually wish to use the other toy, I had really planned on using THAT one and will most likely not be satisfied until I get it.

What you and I might actually hear is AHHHHH then EEEWAHEEEEHAHA and then CICICIIJREKOC then finally we would see Kyla run to her Auntie Tarynina and asked to be taken outside for some fresh air...

Kyla then proceeds to share with Rocky and Sandy about Nellie's unwillingness to share the toy and Sandy's response is that Kyla should relax a little and maybe take a snooze in the tipi...

Auntie Tarynina all the while unknowingly believes Kyla to be singing to her and smiles beatifically.

I could be wrong you know...but that's how it seems to have gone...

It was an amazing week and weekend. Autumn and Izzy shared their moments as well, they're story is a bit more involved and will take more time to tell...

but ohhhh how I love the smell of sour milk and kisses!


Alice in Wonderland said...

Flying Eagle Woman,
You should really write more! I love to hear your stories...and I love the smell of sour milk and kisses!
That is so sweet!
Big Hugs!

Grandma K said...

I loved your post and the pictures!! Thanks. Yes, I also love the smell of sour milk and kisses.