Friday, December 4, 2009

oh my GOOD GRAVY!!!!

...okay I confess, I will take the rose colored glasses award for the day...I think I might share it!

I heard a rumor about a coworker and although I am not close with her it just kept eating away at my conscience that I had heard this and should warn her...I kept it to myself for a couple weeks and would just try to stay friendly to her so she didn't feel COMPLETELY alienated then finally yesterday I broke down and pulled her aside...I shared with her the things the other office staff were saying about her and she just smiled at me with an ethereal calm and said "oh yes, I've heard those things about me..."

I was quite taken aback and realized that it's not just because I was so adamant to warn her that it was eating away at was also because by warning her of HER imminent rumor doom I was somehow cathartically cleansing my own soul from the nasty things I'd said about so and so and such and such!

Remember me saying this? Humans are so funny...the happy part of this is somehow in the midst of all the turmoil and stress of the last few weeks I've found a new place of actually having warm fuzzies for those who have in the past made me sigh and throw up my hands...I SOOOO hope this is part of the "getting older" process and not just indicative of having lost a portion of my grey matter!!!

When my darling children were little (hahaha I can say that now without vomiting) when they would get fussy and before I would go stark raving mad, I would take their teary face in my hands and begin what we now call the "worried-mad" game...I'd push their little eyebrows up with my thumb and say "are you WORRIED?" and then I'd push down and say "or are you MAD" and before long it just progressed into pushing up "worried?" and down "mad!" and before they knew it they'd be off into peals of laughter and VOILA! no more tears!
To this day they don't know that it was my tactic for getting them to stop being fussy (dang! I wonder if I ought to MARKET this game?). However, this being said, imagine my utter delight when I received this picture of my daughter apparently playing this same game with HER daughter!!! (CHUCKLE)


Life has been a chair of bowlies...I'm glad things are settling down and although situations did NOT go as planned I have to say this: SOMEWHERE these tests were written into someone's book...I just hope I passed with a better grade this time!

Beautiful Winter's on her way!

Auntie Umatilla wends her way singing a morning song through the frosty willows.
Life is good.
You all have a really good weekend!!!!


Alice in Wonderland said...

Shawna, this is such a beautiful post, and beautiful photos, as always! You are such a lovely woman, and deserve much more than you are credited with it.
Keep on being you, and don't you ever change!
Big Hugs!

bonequinhoda bic said...

I´m neither worried or mad but delighted with that picture.

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