Wednesday, November 18, 2009

what it's REALLY all about...

sometimes we just take ourselves too seriously. when all is said and done what does that get us? gray hair and wrinkles? I don't want that!

ya know, i actually have more than one brother. i decided i should share that since i more often than not make reference to just the one...he's about in the middle of them but i am the oldest

in my adopted family - where i was raised, i had three sisters...they were all older than i.

nooo today's story is about my three sons

when my daughter jill was born they were entranced with her, she really was quite stunning if i do say so myself but one day as i changed her, they gathered around the changing table to watch...SUDDENLY the third son BURSTS into tears and sobs his little heart out...

big brother mike looks at him with deep consternation and says "what's the matter, lee bee?" and lee bee bawls out between huge sobs..."sheee doesn't have a PEEEEEEEEEE"

i chuckled a little

big brother mike pats leebee on the back with older brotherly wisdom and says "it's okay leebee. she's grow one!"

i laughed so hard i cried too!

the worried one: leebee

Big brother Mike

To the right in between me and my brother (you have heard of Mr. Man, right?) is second son Derek...and right below is aforementioned daughter.

When I look at these pictures and think of these memories all of the stress and worry about what "they" are saying...the policies and politics of this world just melt away...

first, i am the mama!


Grandma K said...

What a great looking family! Thanks for sharing.

Yes - we are the mama first and foremost. I really believe most women feel that way. It's just the way we're put together!

Christiejolu said...

I agree, my first and most important job is being Mom. Everything else is pale in comparison! I love your son worrying about a "PEEE" and you other son says "Don't worry sh'll grow one" How hilarious is that!!!

Alice in Wonderland said...

Shawna, you had better be reading this! I have something for you over at my site!
Big Hugs!

....Petty Witter said...

Hi, was over at Alice In wonderlands, saw you had received an award so thought I'd say hello and well done. It's been nice meeting you and your family.

bonequinhoda bic said...