Monday, December 7, 2009

smiles and more smiles

Today is a beautiful cold day here! For that I'm very grateful...I started an extra blog today ( and you're welcome to stop by although I should warn you it's going to be much different than this is where I will deposit my lovingly creative moments, anecdotes if you will and THERE is where I plan to leave the daily dreariness of petty battles, where I will leave the scarred remains of my sanity from time to time.

On a HAPPY note, a new puppy found his way to our home...his name is Pollywog because for some reason that's what he reminded me of!

No matter what goes on in my work world, my real world is sunshine and ice laced trees...going home to a wood stove warmed haven of weaving and sewing and laughter!


Anishinaabekwe said...

I love this blog template! Did you change it recently?

Anonymous said...

It is actually cold here in AZ too. I love your game you played with your kids. I may have to try this!