Wednesday, March 28, 2007

exquisite pain,

i’d chase your sparkles to the end of the earth
you’ve been my addiction since the day of your birth
nothing you do makes me love you the less
you’re stronger than me sometimes, i guess

so don’t think it awry when i ask you these things
questions become merry-go-round rings
i’ll grab what i can be it gold, silver or brass
and i’ll hold it to me like precious clear glass

each smile you send me, each moment’s delight
i tack on my wall and watch in the night
conversely the times when you push me away
exquisite pain... my sun turns to grey...

random piercing of sorrow the tears will flow
i’m not going to tell you, i won’t let you know
how deeply you wound me how often i weep
because tomorrow your sparkle again will i keep...