Tuesday, March 27, 2007


wandering aimlessly empty it seems

caught in the net of my hopeless dreams

too sad for tears and too scared to speak

heart always pounding, knees always weak

looking in windows always with ache

afraid to go in, who knows what they’ll take

lost little girl in tattered attire

how to live life in this endless fire?

this aimless path moves toward the fork

ah, an end to all this work!

aches always end with sweet relief

and no one can carry eternal grief

there’s light up ahead near the sun by the river

i see the Hope and can hear the Forgiver

i’ll dance in the circle and sing in the Light

my spirit will soar my heart will take flight

i give thanks for the truth that blinded the lies

of those who would hold me in darkness and ties

i give thanks for the Light and for the new day

and thanks for my home and that’s where i’ll stay

1 comment:

JCA said...

that is so beautiful and made me teary eyed!!! LOVE it.