Friday, March 2, 2007

Bunny Tree hit the snooze again!

So here's the thing...we humans thought "yes, it's time for winter to be over, let's roll out the green grass and open up the cloudy shades, let's have the sun shine in and let's warm our hands by the yellow daffodils..."
yup, that's what we were thinkin' but here's the thing, y'know that Bunny Tree down the road? He was thinkin' "oh please just ONE MORE SNOOZE on my snooze alarm!!!!" he quickly reached his paw out from the ground and clicked that snooze button just ONE MORE TIME and voila!!! SNOW!!!
Auntie Umatilla had started putting on her Spring Shawl but she saw the delight of the Trees down along her bank and said "oh okay, ONE MORE sparkly snowy play day!!!" and MORE SNOW...
Ya see the facts are we're not the ones in charge here...don't tell anyone but we're much smaller than we imagine ourselves; I heard the horses down the road kind of chuckling as we drove by "oh yes, there they go, they think they're in charge of the universe but (and here Mrs. Bay Mare lifted her hoof oh so daintily) they're just little KIDS aren't they?" she turned to Mr. Black Angus who was still a little offended about the you-know-what which left him a Steer and not a Bull "In charge of the universe my ASS it makes me want to LAUGH or something" (you and I know that Angus's don't laugh...right?). Even Mariah Mouse threw in a tinkly laugh "well you know, we mustn't chide them...let them think it's Spring already!"
So out came a few leaf buds just to trick us...back to the Grey Mare in charge who lives right next to the Bunny's field..."WHHHHEEELLLLLL they're cute that's what!!!" and she ran up to the top of the Manure Mountain of Melodic McMusicness "I would sing but MAN my pigs are hurtin' from all this Winter Dance!"
Because that's what it is, first, the Winter Dance - graceful snowy cold and sparkly, then we eat the Celery and THEN we can do the Spring Dance...cheerful, rainy and green with spots of luminous sun to make us strong...
Well. At least that's the way Bunny Tree tells it...but shhhhh don't wake him up because you KNOW he'll just keep hittin' the snooze button until he DECIDES it's time to do the Spring Dance!!!!

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