Thursday, April 22, 2010

amazing life...

I've been away on business for about a's been rich and full - I don't have time to expound but I DO have a bunch of pictures - hope you all enjoy!!!
first and foremost, Gary is GROWING!

Princess Phat and Pauleewaug sent us on our way...Princess was a bit worried and Paulee was sulking...
The river welcomes us as we head west

you can almost hear them, right? the frog chorus?
Rustic buildings in Canyonville Oregon where we went for our bigger meeting later
A cute little can't see them but there were a few wild turkeys in the field above and wouldn't you know it? They were DANCING
We did do some actual work, above are some of the board members and directly above is my best friend forever Elaine...she wasn't happy that I took her picture though...
stopped to see the grandbabies on the way home - above are the youngest and the oldest of them
a spot of color...I interrupted a bee taking this picture, he backed out and said "ahem, Miss, in case you didn't notice I was BZZZY in there"

It was a busy, full, amazing trip - I was tired when I got home and ate some frozen lemonade nicknamed by my oldest grand-daughter - "Lemolaides for Grandma"


Charlie said...

Wonderful pictures all, except the work ones—now that I'm retired, I have an allergy to work.

And those "Lemolaides for Grandma" are my favorites on hot summer days.

ЯANdOM ЯAWR ◊ said...

Lovely photographs -- and dogs!
Thanks for sharing =]