Monday, April 12, 2010

PauleeWaug and Princess Phat

So I was watching the dogs on Sunday afternoon and here's what I think their day looks like:

Sleep for awhile - maybe a week - then wake up and make rounds. During rounds, it's pretty important to swing by and check on the Huge Cannister of Delightful Aromatics (garbage can) and perhaps pick up little ends and pieces which may have fallen from it. They look at each other triumphantly and smile just KNOWING how thankful The Humans will be for their thoughtfulness.

While on rounds it's also very important to bark very loudly at that bossy bird because this too, makes the humans happy - they often will be so pleased they may open the Gate to Splendid Moments of Luxurious Softness (inside the house where one might get to sleep on the carpet) and shout affirmative and affectionate euphemisms at you "would you SHUT the *()&* UP before I come out there and SMACK the $#@$# out of you!!!!" and other such amusing shoutings.

After having made the morning round it's very important to throw yourself dramatically down by the open screen door next to your dog dish. This is a polite way of telling your Human that you not only are exhausted from the Awesomeness of Dogdom but that you too are in need of sustenance.

While awaiting the delectable meal you no doubt deserve, it's now a good time to catch a quick power must never confuse the power nap with the utterly horrific and incorrectly entitled "catnap" for that is another story altogether!

Pop! CRACK!!! WHIZZZZ!!!! Somebody has rudely awakened them. They leap to their feet, Paulee looks at Princess, he just KNOWS she's up to no good. They look around and to their utter astonishment, somewhere out of NOWHERE has arrived a 'Nother Go (our nephew Hobert drove his big truck onto the field - and vehicles as we all know are called GO by dogs).  Oh for pete's sake, there goes THAT nap! FINE! They sigh and jump up looking all ready to rumble. Oh, hey, FOOD!!!

Commence the happy dance and before you know it? The sun is setting! Time go go carousing and rustle up some good times with the coyotes and maybe play catch with that garter snake up the road!

...well at least that's how I see their day going...

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Charlie said...

Ah, to have such a tough life as our critters!

Our two little dogs are named Irish and Molly, but when something is amiss I call them The Usual Suspects.