Monday, August 31, 2009

the smiles of dogs...

you know i'm given to fanciful moments of "let's pretend" as a caveat i ought to say i don't actually BELIEVE that the hills surrounding my home are fancy dancing women wearing glorious shawls of hot sunlit beauty or standing sternly in the winter praying in the wind with snow flurry songs...ohhhhh i don't know:-) maybe i do

don't you just love the smiles of dogs? i do. when the world around me is dark and dismal - politically fraught with games and swords and backstabbing bitches (oh how good that felt to say) i come home and there they are, rocky and sandy...they smile up and me and say such things as "oh i love you are you HOME finally? what are we doing, what's that smell is it yummy? no, that wasn't ME that got in the garbage! i love you i love you i love you let's play!"

happy yes, don'tcha just love the smiles of dogs.


Grandma K said...

Yes!! They show unconditional love. That's something that is in great shortage these days.

Lee said...

Yes, I agree. Dogs make great pets. They'll stick with you until the very end. Your dog is cute. :]

As for your blog, I really like it. You should keep it up. It helps you release tension and speak your mind.