Monday, August 10, 2009

dance of the new day... might think it quiet at first light. outside i hear a pheasant calling for Biko (they seem to have connected, and this pheasant actually thinks himself to be in charge of Biko, however Biko is off to Idaho so the calling is in vain today). I hear the last yips of the coyotes as they head to bed after a rough night carousing and drinking the very best hay ale. The Coyotes tried to lure Rocky and Sandy into their bawdy snare but both of the boys asked Mr. Man what the Coyotes were talking about and he told them "that way lies madness." Rocky and Sandy are just young enough to believe him still:-)
I can smell crabby ol' Stinkbug making his way across the meadow out there, don't know who made him mad but SOMEONE must have awakened him on the wrong side of the bed this morning! The angle of his BUTT will tell you the depth of his MAD
If you listen closely the dulcet tones of crystalline purity are beginning to sound as the rays of light begin making their way over the horizon. AHHHHH the morning song!!!!!! I hear that one bird begin to sing in Mr. Sun and as she has started the song they all chime in. So tiny, yet absolutely confident in their rule of the world!
Sandy begins trying to school the mice "now if you'll just stay out HERE, I'll only EAT you, if you go in THERE, you'll be met with all manner of tortures and the Missy Ma'am will SCREAM when she sees you" Sandy, being the brains of the two dogs also tries to reason with the Pheasant family, "if you'll just keep quiet TODAY, I'll let you be as obnoxious as EVER tomorrow!!!!!" The swallows just sit smugly in their mud hatches....they know above all that when they choose to dive-bomb, NO ONE is safe:-)

Aristotle, the resident toad has safely hopped to his new hiding place; the Strange One having hacked down his glorious huge joshua tree (no, there really are no joshua trees in eastern oregon - this one was thus dubbed by Missy Ma'am... a wild abandonment of joyous thistle and purple spikes peeking into the sunlight...this was probably the biggest thistle in the world, at least Aristotle thought so.)

Mr. Sun has greeted the morning, he has shaken hands with Lady Dew and together they begin the dance of the new day.....

You've seen it. Out of this dance springs hope that THIS day WILL BE BETTER!

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