Monday, August 3, 2009

Chain links...

Long ago in a land far far away...I mean REALLY.
I came across this picture and considering where I am and who I am today I now see this as a foreshadowing of the wayyyy distant future. Little did I know that the battles I would face back in the 70's (ahhhh but there were some SERIOUSLY fun times too!) would give me the backbone and the voice for the battles I'd face in my ...uhhhh dare I say it, middle ages. OMG I SAID IT. I am middle aged. I'm no longer young enough to be young, and I'm still too young to be golden.

I love that sound though "golden aged" it makes one think that one has by fiery trials been wrought into beautiful shiny solid gold links of untold strength and beauty...

I want to be golden when I grow up.

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Grandma K said...

What a neat picture!! I am beginning to think the "golden years" are iron pyrite! I'm not too bright and shiny.

I hope yours will be better!