Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gary and his new family...

I will start with some kudos and thanks - thank you Caffeinated Globe (Asia) for mentioning me in your "refreshing luncheon" blog!

Kudos - Fiona Designs, how refreshing! I stopped by just for a visit and stayed

For Charlie - I am grateful, wisdom and laughter and a moment of pause always await me there:

My good friend's like we KNOW each other and yet...

ahhhh it's been a busy summer! I was blest last week by a surprise visit from sons #2 & #3 which of course included son 2's daughters Auttie Dootie and Izzy Bizzy, and son 3's daughter Kyla Berry...L got stuck here in P-town so martyrs that we are, my brother and I kept him and drove him home on Friday night...

A fun time was had by all
Along the Columbia Gorge....mmmmm! I can almost TASTE that beauty!
Princess and Paw Lee had to stop by of courseMy darling Kyla her beautiful suit of birth:-)
The infamous Nellie Bellie graces us with her smile
Well, those are some of the pictures from the weekend, what I'm REALLY here to talk about though is Gary and his progress.

Gary has been feeling a little under the weather. I've been busy of course, and he tried to tough it out but there it is, living creatures must be cared for!

Gary, a little under the weather in his new digs

Peppermint Patty has moved in
Stravinia and Sondheim Sage

It's been a busy and GROWING summer

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Alice in Wonderland said...

Awww, thank you for that sweetie!
I remember when we first said that you were drawn to me and I felt the same way! Maybe we were twins separated at birth! LOL! But I love hearing about your life-style and traditions, the stories that you tell never fail to make me smile or think.
Sorry that I haven't been around as much as I should have, but you know that I am always here.
Big, big hugs, my dear little friend!