Thursday, August 19, 2010

taking the go...

so my car's been sick for quite some time, something like three months. first time she was sick, some mice made the unfortunate choice of making their home somewhere under her hat (my car's name is Bonnie by the way, she LOVES it when you sing to her - my BONNIE lies over the oceannnn, my BONNIE lies over the seaaaaa), then when we started her back up again, the stench was horrific...I tried to mask with all sorts of natural remedies, nay even Indian sounding things such as rose petals in her vents...sage picked at the first morning's light, even eagle feather shaped smellies bought at a pow wow...NOTHING, we had to bring her to the hospital (the shop) and have this CHEMICALLY removed from her....we called it cosmetic surgery and she preens from time to time if you mention it...pause for a moment to imagine a 1992 bonneville "preening"...

So, Bonnie went for awhile, faithfully trudging to and from work, occasionally venturing as far away as the next town to go for supplies but faithfully going...until one day she decided not to any, she may whimper and say we pushed her too far but PLEASE...this is the REZ!!!!!

Bonnie's been parked on the carport at the Little House on the Prairie now for quite some time and has become the object of protective affection by the two LHOP dogs Princess Phat and Paw Lee Wawg and their guests Lop Ears and Shy Girl (funny, Lop Ears thinks her name is something like Austeen and shy girl is something else...) pictured to your right is Shy Girl.

So finally the day arrived when the ambulance came to take Bonnie to the hospital - also known as Riverside Automotive...the driver pulls up and my brother came out to greet him and give him the necessary instruction.

Paw Lee reached my brother first. He jumped up and yelled at my brother "MR MAN DO YOU SEE WHAT THEY'RE DOING THEY THINK THEY'RE TAKING BONNIE SOMEWHERE IN THAT GREAT BIG GO THAT'S NOT IN THE PLANS IS IT MR MAN? DID YOU KNOW THAT LOP EAR JUMPED ON THE GARBAGE CAN AND DO YOU THINK HE KNOWS WHAT TO DO WITH A GO MR MAN? I'M HUNGRY AND PRINCESS PHAT KEEPS PIDDLIN ON STUFF" My brother of course put Paw Lee down and said "get the *(&!!! down Paw Lee!!!" Paw Lee didn't hear that though, he heard "thank you Paw Lee for your wise and insightful comments"

Shy Girl didn't bother with Mr. Man, nay, she went straight to the source "I don't think you should be taking Bonnie anywhere in your big stupid's not on the books and I don't believe that my goddess of glory has deemed it to be so" (Shy Girl's goddess of glory is my daughter who at the time is staying with us) She further inspected the driver of the go (I don't know, dogs just call cars and trucks seems a simple solution don't you think? if humans did the same, I think all the fuss over having a new one or the latest one would be far less intense)

Princess Phat walked around in a worried circle of pacing and kept saying to Bonnie "you'll be okay, they'll take you to the hospital and probably give you glorious snacks of pannacakes and that yummie green gushy stuff it will be FUN"

Bonnie was starting to sniffle a little, she's been sick for so long that now she's starting to wonder about her purpose on this earth and now THIS?

The tow truck driver cleared up the details with my brother and loaded up Bonnie who out and out sobbed as she was being hoisted up but wait "ohhhh that chain TICKLES" she was heard giggling "OMG stop it! that TICKLES!" her tears forgotten, she waved at all the dogs as she left, "it's FUN, come ON, it's FUN!!!!!"

The dogs all looked at each other and smiled but they still believe that nothing good can come from a big go taking the small go...

Princess was still worried and again tried to convnice Mr. Man that something should have been done to save Bonnie...

It was the topic of excited conversation for the entire two days (or however long an evening is in dog time). The murmur of their voices could be heard long into the evening even though it was windy and the clouds were swirling around...they all looked at each other and nodded "yeah. see what happens when people just come around and take the go!" The sky looked ominous but you and I know that only good can come of having the second car repaired!


Alice in Wonderland said...

Hummm, I have always wondered what dogs talk about....and now I know!
They seem to sit and be experts on all sorts of subjects.
Now, if only they come come over here and tell the washing machine repair man (for the THIRD time) that my washing machine STILL doesn't spin properly! LOL!!!!!

Big, big hugs, my dear little friend!

Grandma K said...