Thursday, July 1, 2010

stickgames and cast-off queen's shoes...

Friday (June 11) was a holiday - oh, the banks didn't close, no fanfare or marching bands but for those in MY world, it was a day to observe our 1855 Treaty signing...I've read the "Treaty Minutes" I wish you could but the hours and long long hours of discussion were capsulated in a five page document. I'm utterly astounded at the forward thinking albeit simplistically expressed processes of my great greats. They pondered the future and drew from the past.

At any rate, our holiday was for this reason...we had made plans to head to the Big City of Bright Lights and Glorious Smells (Portland as told by Bella Donna, my son's dog) but as discussion went we found ourselves hankering more for some egregious stickgaming rather than washing ourselves in the fount of nefarious fun...

Before we actually take off I should give you a short run down of what went on between Princess Phat and Paw Lee Wawg...Paw Lee: "they're getting ready to get into The Go" Princess, "I'm hungry, hey there's that one bird, they're doing WHAT? NOOOOOOOOO" Paw Lee: "I told you and this time they're NEVER coming back" Princess "NOOOOOOOOOOO sniff sniff" Paw Lee "ahhh I was just jokin, quitcher cryin'" Princess: "anyways, that bird was tellin me that sometimes she sees them millions of miles away almost to the stars (of COURSE the bird sees further than the dogs)...Paw Lee (sulking) "well, they are. look, now they're putting those ONE things into the go (our chairs) and then they're going to start singing (silly dogs don't know it's not US when the car turns on and the radio starts)...Off to White Swan!

These flowers were outside a little asian restaurant we ate at on the way...they were just BEGGING to have their picture taken! So of course, I obliged. it is almost a MONTH later and I found this draft - the reason I want to finish it is this: we went to the stickgames, sang some AWESOME songs, learned a new power song from Shalaya (I put her name in because it's just so beautiful) and had a grand time.

The day after we stickgamed, we went to town to do what my brother called "ol' ladyin'" which means browsing through thrift stores and stopping by the occasional garage sale. During this particular day I stumbled across what must have been an actual Drag Queen Shoe Heaven...glorious sparkly mega heels in size 15 - they were awesome in their brilliance and splendor, I imagined a lovely tall Queen gracefully sweeping into the club on them - ohhhhh what FUNNNNN!

Okay the rest of the story is dim I just wanted to share that part.


Alice in Wonderland said...

Love the shoes! I guess these people have to buy them somewhere!
I'd love to learn more about your culture. In fact, the only bits that I know about your history is what I have gleaned from reading your blog.
I don't know any other Indians, but I know that you have had a tragic past.
I love your stories about the Long House and how you all work together, and your story of the Sweat House. It's actually rather strange that they still do that today. Not in a bad way, but we still sweat out a cold.....and of course, a nice cup of Tetleys!

Mary said...

I really love to visit here. I love to get to know more about your customs and celebrations, but most of all I like getting to know you. I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary