Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Smiles on Monday...AND on Tuesday!

I can't believe it's only Monday, it's been THAT kind of day! So as an afterthought I said to myself "why don't we go check out the blog world?" and there it was...an AWARD!!! Thank you ChristieJolu of "Tales from My Head" http://christiejolu.blogspot.com/

Now I will share 7 things about myself"

1. I may sometimes pass myself off as assertive and confident but inwardly I'm shy and awkward...

2. I have a tendency to agree with someone I disagree with just to get out of the conversation - well, unless I'm very close with that person and then I may go through with my exact feelings...

3. Although I love dogs what I'd REALLY like to have at home are two horses, a goat and a pony...

4. When I was growing up I used to tell people I was from Mars, periodically, I'd go tearing out of the house shouting "OH NOOOOO I'm gonna miss the BUSSSS!!!"

5. I learned to read music before I could read words

6. I was born with perfect pitch - this is both a blessing and a not so much...I can tune a guitar spot on without even trying, but if I hear someone playing and their "d" string is off pitch it drives me CRAZY...

7. When things are difficult and look impossible I sometimes amuse myself by making up limericks reflecting the moment...usually including coarse and/or expletive language...then I laugh and feel better...sounds crazy I know but it keeps me smiling:-)

Some of my favorite blogs are:

"The Hatter's Clean Cup" http://hatterscleancup.blogspot.com/
"Professor B Worm" http://thefirstbookoftesticles.blogspot.com/
"The Caffeinated Globe" http://caffeinatedglobe.blogspot.com/
Dolce  e Salata http://dolceesalata.blogspot.com/

I also love Alice Through the Lens; Alice in Wonderland, Random Rawr, ChristieJolu but I think they already got this award...

Happy Tuesday all!!!


Alice in Wonderland said...

Shawna, I just loved this! I can just imagine you saying that you were from Mars! I laughed my socks off at this!!!!
And I'm totally with you when you say that you agree with people just to keep the peace. I do that a lot, then I think, I should have said this or that at the time instead of brooding over it. Yes I do that a lot too!
I'm going to start to make up rude limericks too...that seems like a good idea!
Big, Big Hugs!

Anonymous said...

I love that you can hear a guitar out of tune! That is the coolest talent ever! I would love to have that talent, so now I have to ask, has Glen Hansard ever been out of tune in any of the videos I have posted!

Anonymous said...

this is such a surprise - thank you so much Shawna, you made my day!I'm so glad you stopped by because I might never have found YOU!

Charlie said...

lily took the words right out of my mouth--meaningful, of course, but probably unsanitary.

I'm truly honored by this award, and you are now on my sidebar. I will be back to read your older posts.

Thank you again.

Alice said...

Thanks so much Shawna. How incredibly sweet. I'm so glad you have been visiting. And though I've been silently lurking, I have been enjoying my visits here as well.

The Caffeinated Globe said...

Congratulations on your award and thanks so much for passing it along to our blog. We truly appreciate it. Please view the post about it on our blog:

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