Friday, January 14, 2011

delightfully freezy

It's been delightfully freezy around here...I will share with you via photo because although I've been busy and away I never can quit takin' pictures!

No picture story would be complete without King Sir Chitten you see him lounging in his new paper sack...which he was totally offended about when I threw it in the stove...he literally looked at me askance as if to say "we, the royal Chitten are NOT amused"

 Auntie Umatilla showing off on a chilly morning on my way to work...lookin' FINE!!!!

would you LOOK at the sky? I mean REALLY...
I was quite taken with the textures in this picture...hope you enjoy it too

You know me...always a sucker for a sunset!!! 

 this one was taken on a snowy morning...interesting how the snow photographed

King Sir Chitten Chat doesn't really like the puppies...can you tell? The white one is called "Sussy" because she was rescusitated at birth...the one with the brown head is called "Snoopy" for now although he's quite bossy and will likely have another name soon!

Have a good weekend all!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Education is important, that fact has long been recognized and is not key to this discussion. Oh don't get me wrong, I give my deepest respect and loudest applause to those who follow their dreams and ambitions through the many years, hard work and struggles it takes to acquire that coveted piece of paper upon which is written in the most stylish of calligraphy that indeed So and So has earned Such and Such Degree...

What I want to discuss today is how one individual with what has been said to be a sixth grade education has honed her narcissistic power hungry ability to genius form in political manipulation. A brother whom she treated as a distasteful oaf can be seen fawning after her opinions in a most pathetic manner..another relative having aspiring to and achieving a higher position on the ladder can be seen in daily conferences with her...many of the community at large can be heard speaking her name with disdain and suspicion and yet although well aware of her many financial indiscretions - payment of her husband out of committee funds...oh the list goes on and on. I've pondered this for quite some time now because although this person is rarely spoken of with respect, although for the most part she gets her way by lies, deceit and blackmail and without the benefit of higher education she has found a way to "crack the code" as it were while my young educated friend bangs her head on the proverbial brick wall on a daily basis trying to move forward progressively and with innovative policies...

Neither is right. Uneducated and manipulativ vs. educated and proud...both are doomed to eventual failure.

Politics are fun.