Friday, January 14, 2011

delightfully freezy

It's been delightfully freezy around here...I will share with you via photo because although I've been busy and away I never can quit takin' pictures!

No picture story would be complete without King Sir Chitten you see him lounging in his new paper sack...which he was totally offended about when I threw it in the stove...he literally looked at me askance as if to say "we, the royal Chitten are NOT amused"

 Auntie Umatilla showing off on a chilly morning on my way to work...lookin' FINE!!!!

would you LOOK at the sky? I mean REALLY...
I was quite taken with the textures in this picture...hope you enjoy it too

You know me...always a sucker for a sunset!!! 

 this one was taken on a snowy morning...interesting how the snow photographed

King Sir Chitten Chat doesn't really like the puppies...can you tell? The white one is called "Sussy" because she was rescusitated at birth...the one with the brown head is called "Snoopy" for now although he's quite bossy and will likely have another name soon!

Have a good weekend all!


Gabrielle said...

LOL King Sir Chitten LOVE the name! Thanks for following me again :) LOVE the photos. I'm a sucker for photos of the sky, its always interesting.

<3 <3

Anishinaabekwe said...

I love sunset photos! The kitty and puppies are adorable! :)

Mary said...

Wonderful pictures, Flying Eagle Woman. Those of the morning are beautiful. Those of the kitten are dear. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Grandma K said...

As usual, I loved the pictures. Sir Chitten truly is the royal being there!