Friday, November 19, 2010

Native American Heritage Month...

I don't want to beat a dead horse but it seems somehow trite to me that this nation has to even HAVE a "Native American Heritage" day...but that's just my opinion

In the spirit of sharing though I want to share about two brave American Indian women from our history...these women touched my heart in the deepest of ways...I hope to one day meet them:

This excerpt is from the book "Yellow Wolf, His Own Story" and is where Yellow Wolf talks about his mother (Yiyik Wasumwah )

My mother could use the gun against soldiers if they

bothered her. She could ride any wild horse and shoot

straight. She could shoot the buffalo and was not afraid

of the grizzly bear.

Also in this same book is another brave woman:


More fortunate, perhaps, than the Nemesis-pursued White Feather

was Halpawinmi (Dawn) . Eighteen or twenty years of age, strong

and handsome in form and physique, and endowed with a beautiful

personality, she was the recognized belle and favorite of her tribe.

Though her brother was killed in her presence, she did not give way

to unavailing grief and lamentation. Disdaining to flee the awful

holocaust about her, she fell while ministering to the wounded and

dying about her.

This is a picture I found of Yellow Wolf's mother...


McMichael Family said...

I have this book from my gramma Elsie n the women "Penahwenonmi"(helping another) is her grandmother on the Allen/NP side.

ЯANdOM ЯAWR said...

I think we had to read this book in history class last year. It certainly sounds familiar...
I love stories about brave women. It shows men that women can be tough too.