Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One never knows when one might need a favor from a rose!

ahhhhh! a relaxing weekend - no real plans...just take off westward and see what happens!

the sun went before us and sang for our way...course the bugs on the windshield didn't hinder the song...
We were both so tired, our days have been full and strong and left us depleted of all but the last flickering light

laughter filled our car though, as we drove towards the city...memories and stories it was like we hadn't had a chance to "catch up" in a long time although living in the same house...

Arrived at daughter's home fairly late...she was off enjoying her Friday, son waited up to entertain then when we drifted towards the guest room he took off on HIS friday...we thought it sweet that he stayed behind for so long

Almost as soon as we awoke we were ready to go. Where? No plans - again, just hop in the car and enjoy the beautiful sunlit day!

FIRST on the agenda though, give our faithful steed a bath! He reveled in the soapy water on his glassy face...sparkly and cheerful onward we went:-)

this delightfully colored wild rose asked to have her picture taken...of course I obliged for one never knows when one might need a favor from a rose!

Ahhhhh coastward we went! We stopped by as we do annually to pay our respects to my dearest friend "Bratty" whom I had loved deeply and who left this world far too young...we brought her the customary shiny gift and also paid our respects to K___ the friend of my sons.

I began to feel that sense of anticipation, you know the one...like something amazing is around the corner and somehow it smells green and fresh like ferns and berry bushes?

MMMM! Smell it?

Soooo finally we arrived at the coast...the first salty scent made me laugh out loud - really:-) and my brother looked at me and said "what?" and I said "uhhh, just this" and we chuckled because he knew exactly what I meant.

First we went and gambled a little...for surely you know we are Indians...and Indians gamble...or so we're told. We had fun, didn't come out ahead but had fun...

We wanted to go to the beach and the casino we went to has a path that leads down some stairs to a beach but my knees were giving me problems so I asked my brother if we could go down the highway to a beach I knew of that was right near the road. Off we went...when we got there, SERENDIPITY:

It was such a fun day...ended with ice cream and classic cars

Drove back to the city where we finished the night by visiting with "the girls" and I got a pedicure AND got to play "fingernail polich" which topped off a perfect day

Sometimes I forget my age and just go with my love of color and sparkle...H___, I think you in particular would enjoy THESE fingernails!

Sunday morning arrived and off we went towards home, stopped and visited D along with the fam, and by NOON we were headed back eastward!

Crossing bridges going home and here we were...no mare tired, we felt invigorated and rested...not stressed, we felt relaxed and joyous...not empty, we were filled with the awesomeness offered to us and received with gratefulness and smiles...



Alice in Wonderland said...

I love kites....and the smell of flowers after rain, before you can even see them!
I have violets and lavender growing, and I can smell them in the evenings when the windows are all open and we have just had a shower, or they have just been watered.
Loved your photo's, as always!
It's my birthday on 4th July, so I am really hoping for a better camera!

Big, big hugs, my dear friend!!

ma thet zin said...

I love your blog! Very refreshing, and interesting.

Kathy M. said...

I love road trips. Yours sounds perfect. Any trip that includes the beach, kites, cars and ice cream... Thanks for sharing.

betty manousos said...

Stunning photos, my friend!!
Love them all!
It's hard to pick my fave!
Love and hugs!
~B xx