Monday, June 7, 2010

idyllic sunday

It's been a hectic few weeks fraught with too many emotions and situations to actually bother with here...however first things first, Gary is growing by leaps and bounds! He's about to outgrow his coffee cup and move into a roomier pot.

Although much of the day was spent indoors catching up on projects - for instance (SHUDDER) I did a TON of ironing I also took time throughout the day to give Paw Lee and Princess some much needed affection. As you can see they appreciated this to the depth of their sweet canine hearts.

You also may notice that although Princess has heretofore thought of herself as the "alpha bitch" she's now been trumped out of that station into that of "trying to get a word in edgewise"

Well after a restful day of cleaning, watching "girl" movies (clearly, as you know, I'm not a girl...I'm the grandma and mama, auntie and niece...but I do love me some bitchy girl movies from time to time:-)

At any rate, to set the story straight, I was crocheting a potholder set when our good nephew Robert pulled into our back yard. He's been talking about building a sweathouse out there and here he was to do so!!!!

Below, Uncle (my brother) and Robert (in the red) survey the site picked out for the sweat. Below, they've begun work on it and are deciding what to do next.

The branches are tied together and bent into the round shape then covered with blankets to make it airtight inside. The guys gathered a lot of blankets and rugs to do this job...Princess and Paw Lee ask if it's okay what they're doing because no one ran this project by them!

It was a beautiful day for this project, not hot, not raining...THANK YOU!!!
Sweat rocks gettin' ready!
All in all it was the most amazing perfect day...


Kathy M. said...

How lovely. I enjoyed this post. Thank you.

I also want to welcome you to my blog and to thank you for the comment you left there. It's wonderful to have good company on the journey. I look forward to following yours.

Anonymous said...

That sky looks so beautiful! Gary is getting so big!

Lady_Amanda said...

Hello, I am Amanda, I stopped by your blog seeing you on Charlie's. I would love it if you stopped by my blog and told me what you think. I love that you named your plant. I have an African Violet named Daisy, a cactus named Duke, a Jade plant named Larry, and a lipstick plant named Flossie. Your dogs are cute too. I, in particular, like your narration about the sweat house. I was an Anthropology major for a while and love learning about other cultures. Although, my degree is in Lit. I'll stop by again.


Alice said...

First, I aplaud you for ironing. I put on my blouse today and then threw a cardigen over it because it was so wrinkled and I dread the ironing board.

Second, you do NOT strike me as the girl movie type of woman, but I love that you are.

Last, dogs are so nosy yet we never think poorly of them for it, the dears.

Charlie said...

It's not so much that dogs are snoopy, they just have an innate urge to superintend all that goes on.

Gary is growing like a weed, which of course he is not. Then again, what is he?

And another question: Are sweat lodges for men only, or do women get a chance to use it too?

flying eagle woman said...

Oh thank you all for your wonderful comments! What a joy it is to come back from a really full day and find that you've all been here and LIKED it:-) Gary, by the way, is a GRAPEFRUIT plant - he's quite jovial and tells jokes to the swallows who like to linger outside his windowsill.

Women sweat after the men...

SIGH...don't quite know how we'd get through a project without the supervision, nay, the outright executive direction of Paw Lee and Princess

:-) Shawna

Betty said...

Wow! Shawna, what lovely template and photos!
Love them. The last one caught my eye.
Simply perfect!
Hope you have a great day!
Love and hugs
B xx

Betty said...

Wow! Shawna, what lovely template and photos!
Love them. The last one caught my eye.
Simply perfect!
Hope you have a great day!
Love and hugs
B xx