Friday, May 8, 2009

Prayer for My Brother, The Bear by Chief Dan George

O Great Spirit who listens to all
I speak for my brother the bear.

Make the moon shine softly during the nights of his childhood
So that the warmth of his mother will always be in his memory.

Make the berries grow in abundance and sweetness
So that the vigor of life will strengthen his heart

And the years of old age shall never be a burden to his body.
Let the wildflowers refresh his temperament
So that his manner will always be carefree.

Give his legs swiftness and strength
So they will always carry him to freedom.

Sharpen the senses of his ears and nose
So they will always keep harm from him.

Let only those men share his path who in their hearts
Know his beauty and respect his strength so that he will
Always be at home in the wilderness.

Make men praise life so that no one needs to feel the shame
That lives in a heart that has wronged.
Then my wild brother, the bear, will always have a wilderness,
As long as the sun travels the sky.

Oh, Great Spirit, this I ask of you for my brother, the bear.

Note: Many in my family and among those I love are bear people...when I saw this I wanted to share it with these in particular: Heyoomakin; Heyuum Asa Ki; Heyuum; Hume-tukalalilt; and all of my bear relatives whom I love so dearly.

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