Monday, April 13, 2009

the truth about cats and dogs

I would like to take it all back...

that time I laughed at ____ for weeping distraughtly over the loss of her cat and for taking a WEEK off work for funeral leave. that time I mocked ___ for offering his dog a sandwich at the same time he was having his lunch...that time I snickered at ___ for putting a little sweater on her dog to go out to the mail box...for all those times we chuckled at Grandma Clara and her miserable mutt Missy (Greg called her Pissy) and to Schultz, THANK YOU for remembering me after I'd been gone for years already...and Sam, for taking care of me in the middle of the night you know those years...and for Rags who licked my wounds when no one else saw them...

The truth about cats and dogs is this: there is no other love like that of your pet. Humans will fail you - they will hurt you and not look back or they will hurt you and stand by to watch you bleed...humans will shit talk you to no end behind your back but turn and hug you when you walk in the door - a dog would never do this. humans will laugh at you when you fall and yet expect you to give them a helping hand when THEY do, a dog will come and wag her tail when you fall, thinking this is some new game of wonderous joy to play.

Oh don't get me wrong, humans have their dignity and faithfulness, strengths and wonder;

One of my favorite sayings is: How to be like your dog
Give everyone a warm welcome.
Say hello to everyone you meet.
Be able to forgive and forget.
Love your family and friends unconditionally.
Be loyal.
Be a shoulder to cry on.
Help people to calm down when they are angry.
Live life to the fullest each day.
Enjoy being outdoors! Go for a walk!
Take a nap whenever and wherever you feel like it!
Never hold a grudge.
Never stop enjoying life.
Have a strong sense of justice
Play around with others (ex. teasing them in a nice way.)
Try to please others

Dedicated to Daisy (aka Fairy aka Debbie aka Naughty Pocket) you were deeply loved and you'll be sorely missed

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