Friday, August 8, 2008

maybe you don't know this?

We look at our world as inorganic, you know, the objects utilized so frivolously, our car, our computer, the dwellings we inhabit? Often the smallest detail escapes us and that's the whispered jokes at our expense - the car smirks at us from the driveway "I know what you did last night" and we blithely slam the door without a second thought...

This is not so in our universe, our car has a name, he told us himself, that his name is Tony - sometimes I call him Anthony when he's acting a little fractious, but for the most part his name is Tony. Our last car's name was Gracie Lou Freebush, yes, she DID win Miss Congeniality...before that a plethora of autombilians...Daria, Selma, Jess's truck Kenneth, Skye, Marianne, Bob...all of these faithfully carried us about in our whirlwind lives and don't tell anyone but they really DO know what we did last night:-)

I share this with you because today when my brother and I went to lunch we pulled into the parking lot and there he was: Tony's cousin...just as grouchy and dinged up as Tony and tapping his wheels waiting because they'd actually made this appointment long ago!

Here's a picture of the two of them and if you look closely, you'll see they're chuckling:

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