Friday, March 28, 2008

Sun and Snow! Perfect!!!

what a beautiful day it I still have challenging issues facing me? Yes...but oh to feast the eyes on this glorious day is enough to lift my spirits above the vortex of boards and boreds!!!! Today I give thanks that I have breath and heartbeat - if not for these such issues would not be:-) I give thanks for the sparkly snow and the lacey graceful trees with their buds of hopeful leaves. I give thanks for my cheerful Auntie Umatilla dancing happily through the frosty day and I give thanks for the Watchers, hawks, eagles and Suxsuqma (can't EVER remember the english word for them!). I give thanks for the rich aroma of juniper and the gentle spring scent of green wafting through the icy splendor! I give thanks for the Dance and for the Song and especially for the One Who Brings Light...

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