Tuesday, March 11, 2008

beauty is as beauty does...

Having lunch with two very amazing youth my darlings of course - and our waitress was a stunning woman with artistic tattoos, dreadlocks and the biggest bluest eyes imaginable, we made some kind of spiritual connection and she smiled beautifically as she poured my iced tea and took our orders. We gave her a name (it's a family thing - we give out names like other people give out candy at Halloween?) We left her a fat tip and she thanked us - we may never see her again but will always remember her:-)
Also on a trip this week I was catching a bus (it's fun - the ups and downs of trips - last week I was driven in a limo all week, this week it's BUSES) and a cab drove by, in the back seat sat an asian grandma - tired, just looking out the window and I noticed on her head first were a couple towels, and next a big red bowl...for a moment I smiled...this must have seemed JUST the thing for her when she put them on! She was beautiful in her uniqueness and ancient individuality!!!
I hopped on a bus and was greeted immediately by a smile from yet another beautiful person - oh to look at her you might have first just wanted to look away and gather yourself into a ball - she was drooling a little and had leftover breakfast food on her knotted up pink sweater, thick glasses and matted hair but oh my gosh look into those beautiful blue eyes and there was SO MUCH DEPTH there...much more I have to say than the wealthy types at the hotel I was staying at...I smiled back at her and she just beamed...must have made her day!
I was already late for my meeting but the day was so beautiful - just as I turned to begin getting back in "meeting mode" yet another beautiful woman past by, she was at least 70, riding a bike and her stockings were one almost to her ankle and the other just barely above her knees. She had the most stunning large brim hat on decked with TONS of red and white flowers - a white ribbon streamed down her back and flapped in the gentle breeze caused by the slight downhill momentum...
Got to my meeting, hopped off the bus and there they were, in the cracks of the sidewalk in the depth of the city were the tiniest and purplest purple flowers you've ever seen...delicate, yet detailed so artfully - Creator has such an eye for details! Hmmm, hope someone else saw them too and stooped to give them a smile and thanks for their beauty!
What an amazing day!!!!

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Grandma K said...

What a blessing to see beauty around you like this! Too bad that isn't a trait for all people in this world.