Thursday, May 24, 2007

Teachings of Big Sister Eleanor

I got an email today from the daughter of Eleanor and I won’t go into those details but the bottom line is we all have teachers in our lives, I learned from Eleanor. I hope that what I shared with her was encouraging to her, the daughter of Eleanor because to me, it’s dishonoring her memory to not follow her teachings...but hey...that’s just me:-) this is what I shared with the daughter and I blog it here for my own reference – am I going to follow the ones who have taught me??? We’ll have to see hm?

"Your mother along with many elders like her was a teacher in the way she lived her life. Each day is a choice to us, am I going to be content and live at peace with the life Creator has handed to me? Am I going to stand strong in the beliefs I have chosen to carry me through the bumps and lumps of life on this planet? Will I graciously submit to the teachings and corrections of my elders and pray for strength to follow them even when it looks impossible? These are things I saw in your mother. Not once did I ever hear her complain of pain or speak ill of anyone. Up to the very end she was affectionate and loving. I just hope that when I’m gone I will have left behind even a TINY bit of this kind of legacy for my children and grandchildren!

And that’s where our songs come in. They are not just sounds...they were given to us for all these reasons, for strength and for prayers and for WISDOM and teachings and even correction. So that’s what I share with you todayJ A SONG!!!!"

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