Tuesday, May 1, 2007

glorious moments crashing...

happy birthday andre...

ugliness i will not partake
from glorious moments of the past
to hear shattered visions by lurdane rhetoric?
no, not i...
first but to scoff and toss the hair
and then to ponder
is this my heart unaware?

i soared through the
new blossoms of wisdom
wispy tendrils of growth
songs sprang from the deep
i heard them
quiet whispers of callous vacuity
oh please is this
my truth of identity?

breaking through the insignificance...
this is my hope
what i believe to be true
is the songs that i sing
and from my heart these songs
will fill with fire
burning away
the selfish chaff and numbing fear
i will stand and i will not wallow
in ugliness...

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